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Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Charles E Flynn

Obama Offends the Catholic Left, by William McGurn.

Ed Peters

1. Never criticize a man for having come to the truth. No matter how long it took. You didn't of course, but others might be tempted. 2. That folks like MSW have reached this conclusion should be heard as a death-knell to O's plans for 2nd term. Time will tell, of course. (Actually, I think that very realization is part of of his recent open contempt for Catholics. He doesn't need their votes if he's gonna lose anyway, ya know?)


Not to worry.

Over at Commonweal, they are explaining how Obama is the true defender of conscience while the bishops are the most egregrious violators of it.

Charles E Flynn

Why the HHS Ruling Will Become a Litmus Test for Pro-Obama Catholics, by Thomas Peters.

Sally Schultz

The communist catholics are getting a small drink of the Presidents vision. As the catholic hospitals are renamed and reformulized the next new idea is to help the elderly to die, well how should I say it, with dignity? Maybe a policy of signing away your life and how it would be best for the country. You know, it's just that some people get in the way of "progress". Just take that nice pen and sign here sister, it will be all right, trust me.

Nancy D.

Unfortunately, I fear the reason why this will become a litmus test for pro-President Obama Catholics has nothing to do with The Deposit of Faith and everything to do with the desire to have a "true the face of authority of whatever kind".

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