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Monday, January 02, 2012


fr richard

Hurray! Best wishes and may the Lord continue to bless the work of these publications, and you as well, Carl.


It is indeed part of human nature that we look inward when we should look outward and we look outward when we should look within.

When the writer of Ecclesiastes says "there is nothing new under the sun" we look outward and say how can that be so?

In our age, perhaps as in other times, the prevailing ethos is, or has been, one of secular humanist optimism. Perhaps most recently it has been replaced by a secular humanist pessimism, or perhaps even a secular humanist despair. Yet even so, the default position is to look outward at the material world as the cause and cure of mankind's chronic problems, science and technology being the centerpiece of this faith and hope.

Yet we, as Catholics, should know that the saying is true because of the inner man. The renovation of the future begins in the individual human heart. Sad to say, many of us have been caught up in some variation of this material world-view.

We see this in our way of trying to correct the problem of falling mass attendance and so forth. Programs, advertising, etc. Set up an organization, write a constitution, solicit donations, make plans, set up committees, etc., etc.

But what we don't see very often is the direct message to the heart. The unpolished message of conversion. The direct message to immoral lives. The hot glowing coals of truth to our lifestyles.

Our Bishop expressed his pleasant surprise at the numbers in mass on New Year's morning. He preached a good homily, a bit philosophical, a bit pastoral, but I was left with the feeling of an opportunity missed. I sense the hard times have shaken some people and made them hungry, ready and receptive to the straight up truths of the gospel.

The CWR may have gone from print to online exclusively, but that is incidental to the message. It is the difference between tactical and strategic.

There is another saying from Scripture, Proverbs 22:6; Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.
I think perhaps the Church has leaned much too heavily on this link in the past, neglecting the ongoing catechesis of adults from the pulpit. Moreover, the children have not been trained up in the way they should go for a period of years, as we all know, and they have trouble parting now with that misinformation and/or lack of information.

CWR is one part of the solution, to the filling of the message gap. Right now people's faith has been shaken, their faith in the ability of man to bootstrap himself into utopia. The opportunity is golden, particularly among the baptized. Let us hope that we seize it in 2012.


By the way Carl, I neglected to say congratulations and God speed.

Deacon Harold

Congratulations, Carl! I look forward to the new CWR (now on my list of "go to" Bookmarks!)

... well said, LJ!!! I couldn't agree more!


You're amazing, Carl. Perfect position for you, and very well deserved!

Peter l

Congratulations indeed Carl.I am sure you will do very well.

Ann Applegarth

They couldn't have chosen a better man. Congratulations, Carl, and may the Lord bless this new version of CWR!

Ed Peters

This (ie, going-e) is, in the long run, the right thing to do. In the short run, things are likely to get dicey. Sincerest best wishes, guys.

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