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Tuesday, December 06, 2011


Leo Ladenson

I call this soft tyranny of homophilia the "Sultanate of Sodom." And we religious believers are now dhimmis.


This is very similar to the "soft persecution" of Julian the Apostate. He barred Christians from being teachers, because not believing in the pagan gods, they would be "unable" to teach the mythology-laden classics.

Kevin J

"It was a lesson in well-intentioned, very polite, state-faciliated, tax-financed intimidation..."

And no one complained for fear it would prevent them from being foster families. I didn't think the country was this bad yet.


I did foster care in Oregon for a year or so and the 'polite, state-facilitated, tax-financed intimidation' was there, in the background more or less, during the training and certification process-- for the most part unspoken, however, because my 'day job' is 'in social services' and I figured that the county people knew that I was already on board with all of it.


" Unless you have the mark of the beast you cannot do business..." The push to make immorality legally inforceable was prophysied in Revelations. Unless men and women of conscience get off their duffs life will become nearly impossible for them. And "...for the sake of the elect those days will be shortened..."

Benjamin Scanlon

like most, i don't agree with the first point. and the third just sounds ridiculous.

however as to the second, her teachers' concerns may well be that:

1. conversion therapy isn't science - not that all therapy is science but conversion therapy is balls to an even higher degree than most of it, and

2. that it just doesn't work, as hundreds of ‘ex-ex-gays’ and the sex scandals that blight the proponents of the therapy on a regular basis amply demonstrate.

disagreeing with homosexuality is one thing.

taking a trip off into fantasy land on the basis of that dislike, and urging vulnerable clients to join you, is quite another.


Ben Scanlon,

"Conversion" therapy doesn't work. If it is understood as killing gay desires. However, I have seen it work if it means converting someone from a gay to a straight lifestyle. The myth is that gay desires, any more than other sexual desires, are wholly determinative of destiny and choices, which is pure rubbish. I can rattle of three families that, from appearances, are living proof that we can bend our wills and desires towards order versus disorder. Otherwise, we should all applaud the men who leave wives and children to embrace their true selves.

The fantasy is using terms like "disagreeing with" to talk about sexual behavior which to any observant person is unnatural and offensive behavior. I disagree with Obamacare. I do not 'disagree' with bestiality--by use of reason it is just clearly wrong. One million happy man-guppie partnerships notwithstanding. In a sane environment we would say the same thing about sex between two people of the same gender.


To say 'don't force your beliefs on me' is to say 'I'm forcing my beliefs on you, so make it easy for me, please.' We can't allow ourselves to be intimidated by this. "We won't call blue yellow to please those who insist on still having jaundice." - C.S. Lewis

Rev. James

She had/s the choice to attend a school that believes as she does. She can get a "counselling" degree from a religious school and then people who come to her for "counselling" will know from the start what her opinions are about sex and sexuality.

The school to be accredited must adhere to the ethical standards of the relevant accrediting body.

If a gay goes to a religious church run college and refuses to abide by their sexual code of ethics they do not graduate, they are expelled.

This is about this young lady not doing due diligence on where and what she chose to study.

Would it be ethical for a medical school to train a person to be a Dr. if they knew that they planed to use their training to cut off the hands of thieves in Saudi Arabia, or perform genital mutilation on girls in Africa?

The school was told by her that she would use her degree from them to practice "counselling" in a way that they felt would harm the "counsellee" and tarnish their reputation


Gay-ism, the new racism..... NOT!


Oh, so state schools are essentially gay-run colleges now? Actually, I already knew that. At least the psych departments.

If you are not a Rev. in the Episcopal Church, you ought to be. My former co-ecclesiastics would agree with your gay sympathies 100 percent.


National Association For Research and Therapy of Homosexuality

Ben, you may wish to check out the above website.

I have heard Dr Nicolosi of NARTH speak on Catholic Answers and he said, that of the people with unwanted same sex attraction who contact him about one third don’t change, one third have some change and one third change completely and live a heterosexual life.

Rev. James


I am not a Rev. or member of the American Episcopalian Church. Nothing I said was either supportive or dismissive of gay rights or conservative or liberal theology.

My comment was strictly from a legal perspective.

Rev. James


And how many killed themselves? Exodus Intl. and NARTH have astronomically high suicide rates when compared to more conventional therapeutic interventions with homosexuals that focus on acceptance as opposed to repression/change.


So let me get this straight Rev., if your 'gay' and you don't act on it then you kill yourself? So instead encourage 'gays' to practice a proven unhealthy lifestyle. Funny thing, practicing (active) 'gays' have an abnormally high suiced rate themselves...

Rev. James

Homosexuals born to disapproving (often very religious)families have higher rates of suicide, depression, and substance abuse. Those born to loving supportive families have typical rates of all three of these psychological issues. There is no evidence that homosexuality in and of itself is a proximal or distal diathesis for mental/emotional distress.

Conversion therapy is demonstrated by all independent studies to be a damaging and ineffectual extension of the families disapproval and the subsequent internalized self-loathing it can often cause.

So no you didn't get it right, not at all. But you didn't want to did you? What you wanted to do was get it purposely wrong to misrepresent the facts to fit your prejudiced beliefs.

And I got that right.

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