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Thursday, December 01, 2011


Chris Burgwald

Last I checked, *no one* is allowed to set foot on the altar. And let's keep it that way. ;-)


If she has a problem with the new missal's use of salvation "for many" in the Eucharist, then she has a problem with every English Bible translation I've ever seen. I consulted over 35 translations from Wycliff through the Common English Bible, and during the last supper, Jesus says "for many" not "for all". It says "for many" in both Matthew and Mark. Luke says "for you" meaning the disciples at hand.

So the new missal is actually more Biblically accurate.


I take exception to your reference of JFK assassination conspiracies theories here. Do some research, Carl! :p


Dan Sheehan

This woman wrote a previous entry defending Susan Sarandon for calling the Holy Father a Nazi.

Behold her breathtaking rationale:

"What Roman Catholic doesn't wish to forget that our top priest was a member of Hitler Youth? (This might be the one thing all Catholics can agree on!) Certainly the fast-waning number of Catholics who continue to regard him as a spiritual leader puts lots of holy spin on the facts of Joseph Ratzinger's Hitler Youth stint, but that our pope was a member of Hitler Youth is a thing (all we) Catholics must never forget. Ratzinger says his service was compulsory. One can, as I do, take him on his word in this. But the troubling fact that the man Sarandon called a "Nazi" was for a brief time in his youth an actual "Nazi" can not be brushed aside as some kind of incidental as we consider Sarandon's remark. Ratzinger claims he had no choice but to serve in Hitler Youth, but his membership in Hitler Youth remains a thing for him to live down. There were Roman Catholics in his midst who, driven by Roman Catholic conscience, found ways to avoid working on behalf of the Nazis. Some worked to thwart the Third Reich in its efforts to exterminate every Jew in Europe; we can not ignore that Ratzinger was not one of those."

How one wishes this were parody.


"...Even if it's a technically accurate translation of the original phrase, it's inconsistent with what Catholics have been expressing in our Creed for 50 years."

She is right here. Does Rome think it can carry on totally ineffectual teaching for half a century and then simply expect the troops to rally round. We have parishes with baptized pagans calling the shots, hence women like this think of themselves as faithful. You can't have a generation of priests in lockstep with feminists concerns, and then expect the faithful to see a lack of gender-inclusive pronouns as anything but sexist. It's like sending the kids of the State University run wild and get indoctrinated, and then expecting them to respect your authority. It simply does not work that way.

Ed Peters

Puerility in rhetoric used to be limited, pretty much, to the high school newspaper, though of late it pops up in college rags as well. Outside of those incubators, however, this kind of snotty script is tolerated only if it is directed against Christians in general, and Catholics in particular. People need to remember (or be told, again) that the writing and publishing of views are, in one respect, human rights, but in another, free acts with moral consequences. You will be judged, in the end, for you say to others, orally or in writing, but it is an act with moral dimensions.

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