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Monday, December 26, 2011


Charles E Flynn

I wonder what Eliot would have made of the People of the Tiny Glowing Screen, who spend much of their day playing with their thumbs.

Mary Kochan--Catholic Lane

I wonder if any of those apathetic people have suffered. I cannot beleive that suffering people do not seek meaning.

David K. Monroe

I think that people these days quickly and perhaps intuitively realize that questions of eternity and ultimate meaning lead irrovecably to responsibility, and responsibility is no fun.

If "we might as well be cars", then we can do as we please, and we are not responsible for the results.

fr. richard

Excellent topic and excellent post. Thanks, Carl.


Mary Kochan says:
"I cannot believe that suffering people do not seek meaning"

In a 'therapeutic' culture in which 'feeling bad is bad' suffering people do not seek meaning they seek drugs (in the widest sense of the word) in which the goal is not to know Truth but to 'stop feeling bad'.

Anthony Schefter

If people haven't suffered to the degree that they needed to seek meaning, in one sense I suppose they've been blessed - but the question I've always asked myself is, why am I so fortunate that my suffering came into my life? It feels more like an honor and a privilege, as if something accorded a good soldier who is entrusted with particularly difficult duty.


I know some people who suffered and then decided there must not be a God, because He did not protect them from pain and suffering. Without knowing God in their lives and seeing the wonder of the world around them, it's difficult for them to accept that what happens to us is part of a plan by a greater being, and not all of it is good. They cannot fathom that God would allow suffering in order to teach them a greater truth about life.

What bothers me about modern society is the number of people who refuse to take responsibility for their own free will actions. God gave it to us, because for it to be otherwise is only another form of slavery. I've had people tell me the Catholic church, or any church for that matter, is slavery that we allow ourselves to accept. It's difficult for such people to understand that the Truth really sets them free and relieves them of the "expectations" of the world (meaning popular culture).

Hmmm...guess I got a little off track, but that's the path my thoughts took!

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