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Tuesday, December 13, 2011


David Murray

"So now what?" Do as we have been exhorted: pray and trust. Start with devotions in the Rosary, the Angelus and Chaplet of Divine Mercy. Learn the Liturgy of the Hours, pray it in choir whenever the opportunity presents itself. Go to Reconciliation and confess not only your repentance but your gratitude. Show up at daily Mass. Build the day around the Mass. Say what you mean and let your words show the authority the Word of God has, does and is. I have found consolation and seen things around me improve since I began these devotions and participated in these liturgies.

Thank you, Father.

Dan Deeny

I would like to know about Kathleen Sibelius's youth. Where did she go to church, to school? What did she learn about Catholicism? About Christianity? In what kind of family did she grow up? Her music? Books? Movies? When reading about Kathleen Sibelius, I am reminded of Loraine Boettner's sentence: "Catholic girls are spineless drudges." It's in his book on Catholicism. How does Boettner's judgment fit Sibelius? Can anyone help?

Carl E. Olson

Dan: Here is some basic info about Sebelius' youth.

I've never seen that particular quote from Boettner, and a search turns up nothing. Regardless, Boettner is hardly a good source for anything on Catholicism. And his alleged statement, as broad and insulting as it is, is worthless. Besides, I don't think Sebelius is "spineless"; she seems quite content and even bold in ignoring the teachings of the Church while proclaiming herself a good Catholic.

Peter l

"We are in a war," the Health and Human Services Secretary declared to cheers at a recent NARAL Pro-Choice America fund-raiser.

A war on Catholicism by Catholic's.

If i disagreed with Catholic teaching,i would seek another Church.

Dan Deeny

Carl, Thank you for your response. Boettner's quote is in his book on Catholicism. It is in the section on Mary, I believe. Perhaps he is quoting someone else with approval? I don't have the book in front of me, but I remember being shocked when I read it. He must never have met any Catholic girls! I never met any spineless drudges! Perhaps Sebelius is reacting, unconsciously, against a feeling she has about herself?

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