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Friday, December 23, 2011


Ed Peters

"Words are sacramental, which means they contain and convey the reality they speak."

Hmmm. I'd be careful putting it quite that way. Words convey reality? Sure. Words contain reality? Like I said, Hmmm...

Robert Miller

I have been -- and remain -- a strong proponent of the new English translation.

However, it really troubles me that so many of its proponents seem wrapped up in the (agreed) beauty of the English thing. To my way of thinking, any English thing is a main part of the liturgical problem we have been experiencing for the last 50 years. Latin Rite Catholics need to be made to understand that Latin is the normative language of the Roman Rite -- and that it is only in using Latin (not necessarily in fully understanding it -- who fully "understands" a mongrelized language like English, either, for that matter) that we fully ("actuosa", whether or not "activa")experience the mystery.

Sorry, for me even the most correct and poetic contemporary (or archaic)English is not good enough -- Ispeak the damn thing, but I'm not an English or American Catholic, I'm a Roman Catholic. It is a help given what we have come through. But I fear it is going to get in the way of restoring Latin, and Latin's universal mystery, wherever and as soon as possible. I already see my worst fears coming to pass.

The "new English Mass" -- any "English Mass" -- is not good enough.

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