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Monday, December 26, 2011



Luke 9:27 But I tell you of a truth: There are some standing here that shall not taste death, till they see the kingdom of God.

Fr. Groeschel,

Above is Liuke 9:27,and when after quite a number of times read it,I never realized what Jesus meant.

But only few months ago,definitely not through my inteligence.The Holy Spirit inspired me that Stephen was the first person that experienced what Jesus prophesied,and I wouldn't be surprised if Stephen was infront of Jesus when He made that statement.

Also in 1 John3:2 Dearly beloved, we are now the sons of God; and it hath not yet appeared what we shall be. We know, that, when he shall appear, we shall be like to him: because we shall see him as he is. 3 And every one that hath this hope in him, sanctifieth himself, as he also is holy.

So John, I believe is confirming that before we die, if we believe in Him,we will SEE HIM AS HE IS.the opposite of what humans used to experience since we were under Satan's power.

To conclude, It is quite clear therefore,why all those martyrs in the arena sang when they were faced by death for the simple reason that they were in ecstacy and saw our lord in His Glory to prevent them from suffering any kind of pain,obvious since He overcame the world through His sufferrings and death to make it easy for us.

All the best in the name of our Lord Jesus


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