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Thursday, December 29, 2011


Robert Miller

First of all, Carl, I agree completely with your take on this bit of Vatican "insidership".
But then...
I say so what if it is true? A group of curiales decides it will be good for the Church if a certain Cardinal is elected at the next conclave -- which everyone "knows" is just right around the corner.
Does anyone doubt that this scenario has played itself out in scores of run-ups to conclaves over the centuries? I don't doubt it. And I don't think the phenomenon is a bad thing.
Ratzinger -- like all of his predecessors -- is "God's choice". But that doesn't mean that God doesn't make his choices through instruments -- like, for example, Curial "cabals". That He does work in this way only makes the result more satisfying and edifying to us mortals.
It gives us confidence that God gives us the prudence to make good practical judgments.


Conspiracies to the right of us, conspiracies to the left of us. On a, now closed, Catholic Discussion Board in Australia a man who claimed to be a priest in the employ of the Italian Bishops Conference said that via "sources close to the Vatican" then Cardinal Ratzinger had done a deal with liberal cardinals to be elected pope.

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