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Friday, December 30, 2011


Fr. Augustine Hilander, OP

What do we do when the Church's thousand years of controversy over lay investiture meets China's many hundreds of years of foreign European influence? We haven't come this far on both sides to give up. Let us keep up our prayers which has united us as one Church for more than two millennia.

Ed Peters

"As radical nationalism reaches a fevered pitch in China..."

Yes, well, candles burning brightest just before they burn out and all that. The Chinese people are far too great to live much longer under the fraud that Communism is. I think the fever's about to break in the East.

Robert Miller

The overt schism is bad enough, but what I find most deeply unsettling is the lack of any acknowledgment that the Chinese government is one of the most murderous in the world (e.g., the "one child policy" -- officially enforced with abortions). How can any organization call itself Catholic or even Christian if it fails to condemn the actions and policies of the Chinese government?


We should pray that the Chinese communists would change their minds like they actually did after cultural revolution.

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