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Saturday, December 31, 2011



"He who sits in the heavens laughs".


From the 1979 Free Lance-Star article:

"...Jim Suntum, 32..."

From the 2011 article:

"...[Monique] Venne, 54..."
"...Regina Nicolosi, 69..."
"...Linda Wilcox, 64..."
"...Judith McKloskey, 65..."
"...Pauline Cahalan, 66..."


No priest can become a woman; any attempt to do so is only a mutilation. Likewise, no woman can become a priest; any attempt to do so only mutilates her soul.

The little courtesies, back when we still had courtesy, were the same in the presence of priests and of women: no course language, remove your hat, offer your seat.

A priest may well have the strength, endurance, and skill to be a deadly combatant in time of war. It does not matter; it is an abomination to give the enemy real justification for targeting any priest. Precisely the same arguments hold for women.

Since there are so many parallels between priests and women already, why would a woman want to become a priest?

Richard M

Hello Pat,

It has the whiff of a generational phenomenon, doesn't it?

How much better off we'll be once the current generation of seminarians and young priests are running parishes, seminaries, and even dioceses, and that *other* generation is...happily retired, contemplating eternity. The damage they have done...will take decades to rectify. (There are exceptions, of course, and I know some. And these remarks are not directed at those men, who have suffered greatly for their attachment to orthodoxy).

And it's not just about the men. Ms. Beaumont of Fort Myers is a former sister in an LCWR (Leadership Conference of Women Religious) order. These are the orders that have mostly dispensed with traditional habits, traditional devotions and communal life. Average age of LCWR nuns: 79. Average age of CMSWR order nuns (that is, the traditional ones): 35. And the numbers are even younger for traditional contemplatives.

It's obvious what kind of spirituality is producing real vocations, and which is *not*.


Pity also those poor souls who actually think they were receiving the body and blood of Jesus Christ.

They would do better to go to a Protestant communion service where at least they are honest about what they are receiving, that it is only symbolic. That distinction at least is ultimately better for their souls.

Peter l

I am just waiting for the men to start shouting "Why cant we become Nuns."

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