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Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Gail F

I wrote a piece on the movie mentioned by Janice for this august site, and she spoke at the screening of it I saw. She comes across as kind and earnest, not (as one might imagine) raving madly, as some in the film do. But she says stuff just like this. Who is this Fr. Zawada, and is he going to be disciplined for this?

You should all read the whole story, it'll amaze you. How is that publication still in business? Are there really enough people who think this sort of article is great to support the paper and web site? That's what I want to know...


Who is this Fr. Zawada, and is he going to be disciplined for this?

You should all read the whole story, it'll amaze you. How is that publication still in business?

I completely agree with you Gail. Who is Zawada'a religious superior and what he is doing about this man? In what diocese is the newspaper offices situated? Why has the bishop not done anything? The scandal given to the little ones and the people who have left the Church because of shows like this are incalculable.

Charles E Flynn

Father Z (as in Zuhlsdorf) noted that he did not receive an "ordination tambourine":

Fishwrap promotes a “sermon” by a wywymprystess.

David Elton

Why don't these folks start their own religion, and stop bothering people. This doesn't have anything to do with the Catholic Church.

Peter l

These "Catholics" are doing more harm to the Church by sowing discord among the faithful.Thank God we have a strong Pope.

Mary De Voe

Mary always brings Jesus. If God wanted women priests, God would have created them men.


Keep referring to that publication as "The National Catholic Fishwrap" -- they hate it!


Now I can think of tambourines only in the context of priestettes (and fairies and unicorns).


Awe, yes, Dan Schutte. He has been resurrected again in the new translation. Lord, give us holy composers to fill us with music that is worthy of your praise.

Stephen J.

I am always reminded of C.S. Lewis's essay "Priestesses in the Church?", and the money quote from it: "The Church claims to be the bearer of a revelation. If that claim is false then we want not to ordain priestesses but to abolish priests."

It really does seem to me that these women can believe in a Church which has the imprimatur and guidance of the Holy Spirit, or they can believe in a Church that for two thousand years has unjustly denied one of its Sacraments to half the human race -- but they can't believe both are the same Church and still be honest.

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