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Sunday, November 06, 2011


Robert Miller

This expresses very well the Holy Father's understanding of the objective conditions in which contemporary man finds himself. Neumayr, as usual, gets to the heart of the matter.
Caritas in Veritate and the recent "Note" from the Pontifical Council for Peace & Justice also come to terms with these objective conditions as they pertain to political, social and economic matters. Why do many of us regard these latter as problemmatic?
Everything this Pope does, it seems to me, is designed to respond to the real needs of our time. In matters Catholic he finds the rationale and the means for reconciliation with Anglicans and traditionalists (even if these latter remain stiff-necked and obstructionist). In matters secular, he offers the accredited representatives of the Enlightenment one last chance at collaboration. In matters "world-religious", he offers Moslems and the others the benefit of the Catholic Church's experience of encounter with (a now moribund) modernity.
Yes, Pope Benedict XVI is the last defender of reason -- and against all comers: Left and Right, conservative and liberal, traditionalist and progressive, modern and post-modern, etc., etc.
Thank God for the Holy Father.


Every time I read or hear something fro our pope I am reminded of what someone said about JPII and B16. They said that JPII opened peoples hearts and B16 is filling them. To me this pope is a Saint. Truly!

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