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Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Roseanne Sullivan

She got her miracles and got her saint! Praise God, what a great story!

Eric Pinola

I bet it was one of the first questions on her list when she got to Heaven.


Haha, this is an awesome story!!! beautiful.

Flan K Us

this is a very disturbing story, it makes mother look like a protestant

Carl E. Olson

Flan K Us: I'm puzzled by your remark. How, exactly, does Mother Teresa come off as a Protestant? Because she appealed to Scripture? (If so, do keep in mind that the Bible is a Catholic book written by Catholics about the Founder of the Catholic Church). Besides, I was a Protestant for almost thirty years, and I don't ever recall a conversation about the canonization of saints. None. Just saying!


The story brought tears to my eyes.


That's a beautiful story.
But the Card. Palazzini was quite right: That makes the greatness of the RC Church. If the Canon Law requires 3 miracles and if the 3 miracles didn't yet happen, that is because God's will supersedes men's will.
Only by prayer can the men be granted what they want, so far as this may feed their spiritual needs.

Ed Peters

Terrific story. At several levels. btw, Cardinal Palazzini is underrated (well, outside of Rome) as a canonist. I find him a steady source of good sense and conciseness.

Peter l

I have a word for this gem of a story,inspiring.

Kathy Geiger

So Why was he cannonized if he did not perform three miracles? Mother Theresa is correct in that the Bible does supercede cannon law for it is the Word of God Himself. I just wonder how his ( Fr. Damian) cannonization came about.
Kathy Geiger


I'm with Flan K Us. This makes her seem impatient to the point of being selfish, and at best hopelessly naive about the way the Church works. The solution at the end of the story is completely obvious; it is hard to believe any saint, or anyone well on the way to eventual canonization, would not have seen it instantly. One does not have be be perfect to be a saint, but this portrays her as much, much less than her reputation.

However, it is not clear that Monsignor Maasburg is claiming to have witnessed all of both exchanges, only "the reverence and deep respect that Mother Teresa and Pope John Paul II had for each other". I wonder if the story has not been garbled in the retelling.


What a beautiful story:)

Viviana Castelli

The miracle (one is enough) for which Fr. Damian was canonized in 2009 concerned Mrs. Audrey Toguchi, a lady from Oahu (Hawaii) that was healed from a liposarcoma in 2008

Viviana from Italy

Viviana Castelli

... at least, I BELIEVE one miracle is enough. If Cardinal Palazzini said otherwise, I must be wrong.

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