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Tuesday, November 29, 2011



Excellent points, Carl. I think the politicalization of Christ and His mission arises as a society's focus and imagination become more and more material and less spiritual. If a person only cares about or believes in earthly pleasures and accomplishments, then they will be unphased and unimpressed by a God who frees us from sin and brings us into Communion with Himself. The modern emphasis shifts from Christ's healing and saving works toward His "political" act of clearing out the temple. Thanks for the great post, Carl.


What I find fascinating about the Occupy Wall Street movement is their apparent lack of concern about the direct and consequential collusion between "Big Business" and "Big Government." The extent to which "Big Business" is a threat to our personal freedom and prosperity is greatly extended and heightened by its direct collusion with "Big Government." This is not only a national concern in the United States, but a growing international concern as well, as international governing bodies threaten national sovereignty.

President Dwight Eisenhower spoke in the 1950s of the threat of the so-called Military-Industrial Complex. The ever-expanding collusion between Big Business and Big Government is a threat to individual liberty and more equitable economic prosperity that makes Eisenhower's warning pale by comparison. The Occupy Wall Street Movement seems totally blind to this even more consequential, collusive threat to our personal freedom and prosperity.

Brian Jones

"The point of the movement now appears simply to spread chaos..." This line made me recall Heath Ledger's tremendous portrayal of the Joker in the Dark Knight. Towards the end of the film, he reiterates his M.O.: "I am like a wild dog chasing after a car. I don't know what I would do if I actually caught it... I just do." What is so paradoxical about this is the simple fact that the allure of vice is resides in its appears to look just like virtue. For someone who had no clear vision of what he was doing, the Joker was quite successful in causing destruction and chaos, which eventually drew many to follow him. This is also what is taking place with the Occupy Movement. Any apparent "success" they have is going to be exposed for what it really is: the desire to spread chaos. The movement has drawn many people and will continue to do so under the umbrella of "the good." This, as Carl and many others have pointed out, has proven to be one of its greatest perversions.

Carl, Thank you for the excellent analysis, and lucid insights. As a graduate philosophy student, I must say that Ignatius Press is far superior to any of the catalogs of "the best books of philosophy and theology" that modern universities have to offer.

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