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Sunday, November 13, 2011


Dan Soares

This is one of my favorite blogs. Thank you for the time you put into it. Would you consider linking the scripture references like today's readings to an online Bible? It would really be helpful.



Our society is so focused on entertainment talents that it is too easily forgotten that it required great talent to be a Neurosurgeon or Catechist or mom-of-many.

I cannot sing or dance or cook well, but I received a complement of my talent I will never forget. A grandmother watched me care for her just delivered stillborn grandbaby...I washed and dressed the baby and bundled her for holding and the grandma said "Your hands were anointed for this work". I answered her "Yes, they were and thank you for noticing".

I will applaud the talents of those who have the luxury of possessing skills that can be shown-off in front of everyone and honestly sometimes I envy that, but remember that the person who may not display any remarkable ability at first glance may have a powerful and profound skill that is used in the quiet sacred places.

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