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Monday, October 24, 2011


Gail F

The ugliness started with the Revolution. Anyone who thinks politics is vicious today needs to take a remedial course in American history. It's been vicious since day one! Some of what people used to say and do would make your hair curl.


As with so many other things and in so many other ways, it is the Left that has dragged our society into the cesspool. The Left stands for and produces evil.


No, it didn't start with the Revolution; it started in the Garden of Eden.

What happened during the Revolution was tame compared to what had been going on in the British Isles, for example under Cromwell.

I will agree with Gail, though, that even by American standards, "vicious politics" today does not mean a repeat of Burr vs. Hamilton.

Robert Miller

This really is a very good reflection on the debasement of US politics, culture and religion that has ensued from the 1960s cultural/sexual revolution.

Bork's martyrdom, though, I think rises to an even higher level of importance when we consider his critical role in what George Will once, long ago in 1973, dubbed "the crisis of the regime" at the time of President Nixon's "Saturday Night Massacre".

Bork had the courage to fire a "Special Prosecutor" who was attempting to unseat the President of the United States in connivance with a rogue Congress. The President's real "crime":
He had put together an electoral coalition that was able to check Congress, wind down the Cold War and create the conditions of economic prosperity for more than a generation.

Bork was loyal to the greatest US President of the 20th century -- the political genius without whom Reagan and the two Bushes never could have happened -- and that was why the rabble would stop at nothing to kill him.

They had treated his master the same way.


Why are politics so vicious? I suppose it is because so much in the human endeavor is at stake. Those who control government, control the central authority of society, whether that central authority is less extensive, as our founders envisioned, or, most especially, when that central authority has greatly expanded powers, as it does today. Power does corrupt, absolute power does corrupt absolutely.

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