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Friday, October 28, 2011



The more you read, the more you realize the Bishops are being hyper-charitable, and this woman really sounds not so much like a Catholioc nun as like

Nancy D.

The question is, why are the Bishops being hyper-charitable to Sister Elizabeth Johnson, who, because of her misrepresentation of The Doctrine of The Blessed Trinity, is encouraging her readers to deny God's First Commandment?

At some point you realize that there is, in fact, an organized effort working within The Catholic Church to deny the teaching authority of The Magisterium of The Catholic Church by those who desire to create The Blessed Trinity in their own image.

Before I was blocked from blogging on Commonweal Magazine because the moderator claimed my questioning of the significance of the cover of the book, "Quest For The Living God" was not relevant, I noticed that no one on the blog seemed concerned by Sister Elizabeth's suggestion that a Hindu-Catholic Rite exists. This is more than disturbing as clearly every Catholic should understand the meaning of God's First Commandment.

The only charitable response to someone who professes to be Catholic but fails to accept The authoritative Teaching of The Magisterium is The Charitable Anathema, for the sake of Christ, His Church, that person who will not accept the authoritative Teaching of The Magisterium, and all who will come to believe.

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