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Wednesday, October 19, 2011



Very interesting article. The whole OWS thing reminds me so much of the anti-Viet Nam war stuff I experienced first hand in the late '60's/early '70's. Sounds like it's pretty much retreads. Dr Graeber reminds me way too much of Margaret Mead and it turned out everything she was famous for was also a sham. And, she had a huge influence on the lack of morality we are seeing in so many ways.


Carl, I wasn't able to access the Chronicle of Higher Education essay.

Carl E. Olson

Hi, Sharon: The link seems fine at the moment. Here it is in case you want to copy and paste:


By allying themselves so closely with public sector unions back in the organizing stage in July with the NYC Bloomsbergville protests and nearly every step since, the Occupy Wall Street protesters stand on the wrong side of the most important issue of our time and especially of the generations they largely draw from. That is the ridiculous amount of over-spending and over-borrowing at the federal, state, local and personal level.

Clare Krishan

True reciprocity of gift would demand mutual burden sharing of risk, no?

The fruit of any endeavor may not be as "planned" or foreseen. cherry-pickng isn't part of God's economy. Our modern positivist masters would have us sterilize all such risks out of existence,
better no fruit than entertain any misbegotten ones.

Perhaps the anarchists sense this and identify with the undesirable misbegotten in some quasi-noble fashion (absent the violent fringe element, their vice outweighs any value virtue could brought to bear)? Intuition may be telling them something that, as spiritual orphans, they have not the tools of phenomenological personalism to reason thru to the logic of love? But I think they get that a society that has no adequate material measure for valuation of unremunerated voluntary transactions (macroeconomic GDP cannot capture domestic activity, the fecundity of voluntary association) is built on a lie (promises to provide such care in the future via State control are not worth the paper they're written on, our regime's legitimacy s rather threadbare, not much more than the "ragged-trousered philanthropists' of yesteryear). Conscience will not let them rest easy with the kind of platitudes we hear piped over the airwaves. Can we summon the grace needed to form their consciences in this difficult present moment?
If not now, when? The trajectory to buy ourselves more time isn't looking good. If we don't succeed we'll be assuming the risk for own follies reflexively upon ourselves (narcissism's dramatic irony) as the Millenials demand a euthanasia amendment to the balanced-budget legislation that will need to be passed in the not too distant future.

Clare Krishan

Conservative Catholics may need to examine their consciences for promoting an exclusion from participation that runs contrary to what we know of Divine pneumatology. When Ave Maria Town is lumped with Disney's Celebration community as examples of the privatopian tyranny of relativism of community interest housing,
the idolatry of positivism may have corrupted our own approach to social justice, no?

Clare Krishan

Headsup -
Vatican to join the fray Monday!

David Carlon

This is all so simple... OWS is a movement against systemic and pervasive corruption... the chickens are coming home to roost and the haughty and godless oligarchy that is Christian in name only would do well to heed the lamentations of the poor and oppressed.. the game was and is rigged by the political elite for the perverted and debauched wealthy elite... step out of your bubble and walk the streets... families are starving, naked and homeless... and yes there are certain holy wealthy elite that have compassion for the poor... you can number them on one hand.

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