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Thursday, October 20, 2011


Peter l

At last,some good news for all those manic depressant's out there :-)

Charles E Flynn

Stay tuned for "What Happened on October 21", while resting assured that qualified professionals are looking for a billing code for treatment.

Brian Jones


Was there a time when this was supposed to take place? Hopefully it hasn't happened by the time you get back to me.

Carl E. Olson

Brian: I think it happened about an hour or so ago here. If so, it seems a bit anticlimactic. ;-)

Jim Andersen

Well with about 5 Hours and 45 Minutes remaining in the day [as I write this] it looks like the Fundamentalists Loons are Proved Wrong AGAIN! Maybe I should hold my breath until the last second of the day though. ;) haha! We really ought to give some true evangelization on matters pertaining to the Second Coming, before these Fundamentalist loons discredit all of Christianity, because there are people out there who want to lump us all together with these utterly insane people.


They can ask the Jehovah's Witnesses for advice on how to handle this.


Jim Andersen,

You make a very good point. Much of what Catholics say or have said on this is couched in terms of responding to wild Protestant theories. Apologetically speaking that is great. I know Carl has written books on the subject.

I have mentioned it before, but some years ago Colin Donovan and Desmond Birch did a 13-part series on EWTN which was available in the archives as "Last Things in Time and Eternity." The beauty of that was it started with the eschatological foundation of the faith from the liturgy and the sacraments right through to the teachings of the Church on the end times. Thorough I thought, without getting too deep in any area, but it was not attention grabbing enough for the average listener, in my opinion. Colin Donovan is a solid theologian and good apologist but he has a radio and TV personality much like mine, sleep inducing. (I tried radio in high school and college and still have a DJ demo to prove it) Desmond Birch brightened it up somewhat with his ready laugh and sense of humor.

However, as they point out themselves at the time, since St. Robert Bellarmine there has been little high profile and comprehensive teaching on the part of the Church regarding eschatology. Interestingly enough, Bellarmine was in the main responding to the wild-eyed Protestant accusations of that day regarding the Catholic Church as the "whore of Babylon" and pope as the "anti-Christ." The early forebears of Jack Chick I suppose.

This would be a great project for someone like Fr. Robert Barron. His Catholicism Project was so well done, he might be the guy to do a comprehensive eschatology project, aimed primarily at Catholics but with Protestants and New Age pagans in mind as well.

But perhaps I've missed something in this area that Carl is aware of.

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