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Wednesday, October 05, 2011


Dan Sheehan

"One wonders if next the altar rail will return, another barrier between the priests and the people."

My church, which offers both forms of the Mass, installed a lovely wrought-iron altar rail earlier this year. We kneel at it and receive the Host in the proper attitude of humility and reverence. I don't think a soul there regards it as something separating the priest and people. But I don't suppose a soul there reads America, either.

David Wundel

Re "drag the church back into the pre-Vatican II world". You mean the church that existed for 2000 YEARS ? Is that such a bad thing ?

Deacon Jim Stagg

The important sentence from Lumen Gentium 12, above, is
"It is exercised under the guidance of the sacred teaching authority, in faithful and respectful obedience to which the people of God accepts that which is not just the word of men but truly the word of God."

Perhaps the magazine America might want to meditate on that sentence, as should we all.

Good article.

Marshall Kinsey

his eminence Cardinal Piacenza prefect for the Congregation of the Clergy to the seminarians in Los Angeles on Oct 4:

"there cannot be, nor could there be, a pre-Conciliar Church and a post-Conciliar Church! Were it thus, the second one - ours - would be historically and theologically illegitimate!

There is only one Church of Christ, of which you are part, that goes from Our Lord to the Apostles, from the Blessed Virgin Mary to the Fathers and the Doctors of the Church, from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance, from Romanesque to Gothic to Baroque, and thus until our days, uninterruptedly, without any solution of continuity, ever!"

Danny O'Connor

The lack of respect shown when many people receive the Holy Eucharist is shocking,I say bring back the altar rails - the sooner the better.We also see a surge of extra-ordinary ministers at every mass even when there is only a congregation of about 50 people at weekday masses.We also see them unlocking and locking the tabernacle and bringing the ciboriums to and from the altar,some give out the Holy Eucharist (and some priests too)as if they were dealing out cards.There is a growing loss of reverence for the sacred and it MUST be reversed.

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