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Monday, October 03, 2011



Excommunicate him! (It's not rocket science, people)

Nancy D.

Spoken like someone who actually believes that in regards to God's intention for Marriage and the Family, Christ was mistaken, and thus there can be no mutual agreement. Oh, what a tangled web some are willing to weave!

Marlene Cross

Jesus leads. We are supposed to follow and obey, not get lost along the way. Let us pray.

Colleen Tauke

Sounds like another Catholic who really doesn't know his faith and hasn't taken time to learn the TRUTH! As an Iowan who went to bed one night trusting in government, I awoke to find marriage redefined under the cover of night. Will we ever more fearful of God and the truth than getting re-elected? I pray that one day SOMEONE can lead with truth......

peter l

The world is in financial meltdown,people are dying of starvation in Africa and politician's are wasting their time on this debacle.Was there ever a time that politician's stood and got elected for decent principal's and good old common sense?........Maybe,maybe not,political correctness seem's to have put an end to these thing's.

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