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Tuesday, September 13, 2011



What's actually interesting in all of that stuff and nonsense is the reality of Fr. McBrien's statistic about lay participation in parish life. The fact that 80% of lay people running things in parishes doesn't point to alienation or marginalization of women, it points to alienation and marginalization of lay men, and indeed almost undoubtedly of all proper masculinity, whether displayed by a cleric or a layman, in parochial life. Find your own anecdotes to this effect: they won't be hard to come by.


What's really interesting is the nonsensical idea of ordaining an 84 yr old as a first time "priest."

Ed Peters

What's supremely interesting is that Carl can rummage through this stuff with some regularity, and not lose his mind.


I agree with Titus about the dearth of lay Catholic men in parocial life. I have first hand experience in my own parish but when I view processions, bible studies, Masses on the Internet it is very obvious that men are in the decided minority. Everything I read sresses the fact that practising Catholic men are crucial to keeping their children as practising Catholics. What can be done to bring men back to an active role in the Church?

Carl E. Olson

Ed: The beauty of having multiple personalities is that I can afford to lose a mind or two on occasion. Besides, most of my posts are written by a crack staff of highly trained Jesuit ninjas. I'd say more, but I'm not allowed to, as you might imagine...



Mary Cardwell

My parish in New York might be considered strange in that about half our parish staff is male, including the music director, director of parish outreach, RCIA (A deacon and his wife), most bible studies are led by a deacon, with a MA in theology with a concentration in biblical studies.Of course our pastor is male, the school principal is female, along with the parish secretaries and financial administrator. And we have a very active Knights of Columbus chapter, along with a choir that is 35-40% male. But we do have girl altar servers, but we have slightly more boys than girls.
This staffing pattern does lead to men participating in parish life, as illustrated by men going to Mass on thier own, or our unique custom of having the fathers being responsible for little children at Mass. We do have a cry room, but it is not heavily used. Also when we have a concert at the parish, the whole family turns up from 6 years old to the over 80's. And the strangest thing is that I even see young teenage males come to Mass by themselves.

Steve Cianca


Your experience parallels mine in my parish in Ohio, not exactly, but close enough. My belief is that the more men participate, the more other men are drawn in. On the other hand, with the altar servers, the more girls participate, the fewer boys do.

Marlene Cross

Call me naive but I don't understand changing instead of adhering to the doctrine we're supposed to be FOLLOWING.


What can be done to bring men back to the practice of their faith? Strong men who practice their faith. As long as a man sees religion as a woman thing (which sadly many do) men will not lead.

Parish councils need to give way to strong priests who LEAD, assisted by strong deacons who lead.

I am blessed to have such in my parish and it shows.

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