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Saturday, September 24, 2011


Robert Miller

Sister Mary Ann has performed a signal service to the Church in the United States by the frankness of her comments.
Now we are beyond any deference to political correctness: Free at last, free at last, thank God Almighty free at last.
Archbishop Dolan put the issue squarely in his letter to BO, but Sister Mary Ann has "put it in the vernacular" in a way that can rouse the "masses".
She needs to get on the "lecture circuit" for talk shows and Catholic university commencements.
I think her take is brilliantly lucid.


The current administration is in big trouble due to the economy. If they lose the upcoming election, the real question will be what if anything a Republican administration would do to reverse these trends.

Magister Christianus

After the Israelites refused God's will that they have judges and continued demanding a king, we come to what is perhaps the most frightening verse in the Bible, 1 Samuel 8:22. God tells Samuel to give the people what they want. Technological advances have developed at an increasingly rapid pace within the past ten years, and our social decline seems to have matched it. A mere decade ago, there was not so much open talk about the acceptance and promotion of sodomy in every arena. A wall has been erected, by whom I am not sure, between the reasoning of the state and the reasoning of the Christian faith. Where once the latter could, on reasonable grounds, speak into the former, there is now a divide that seemingly cannot be crossed. Christians can argue to a certain extent using secular lines of reasoning, but at the end of the day, our arguments always return to the One Who proclaimed Himself to be the Truth, Jesus Christ. When this line of reasoning has been ruled a priori off the table, what can we do? We must pray fervently for God to open eyes and soften hearts.

Gail Finke

Several years ago when the push for "same-sex marriage" first became mainstream, I read a position statement on a website from some homosexual activist group. What I remember about it was the bizarre statement that members had to oppose "marriage benefits being for married people only." That's when I realize that we had headed toward the Bizarro World. Of course, marriage benefits had been extended to unmarried people long before, but that's the first time I had heard it said so plainly. Marriage is in big trouble.

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