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Thursday, September 29, 2011



I have a first cousin who was rescued from near drowning in the ocean by a man who was likely an angel. My cousin was around 12 years old at the time, and had been swept out to sea by a riptide. She could be seen bobbing up and down on the verge of drowning when, literally "out of nowhere," a man swam up to her, delivered her to shore, and then vanished.

Ed Peters

"10. Angels often come disguised...."

Interesting. I did not know that it still happened, at least, that it happened often.


I have one point of disagreement with Dr. Kreeft. Angels are cool, very cool.


Am presently reading Shackleton's narrative of his ill-fated Endurance expedition to the South Pole - "South". At one point he and two colleagues made a perilous crossing of the remote island of South Georgia, upon the success of which depended the lives of 25 other men. After successfully finding help he cautiously remarked to his two friends that during the ardous journey he often thought there were four of them struggling through ice and snow - remarkably each of his friends admitted to having thought the same - the famous "fourth man". Shackleton - not a particularly religious man - was convinced Providence, in the form of one of His servants, was with them.


I have always loved the cover of this book.


I have had several encounters with my guardian angel; there was simply no other way that the incidents can be accounted for.

One was when I was riding a horse (after hardly having ridden for about 15 years). This bugger was seriously trying to unload me. He was so mean that I was afraid to fall off as I felt that he would come back to stomp me.

As I was pitching over the saddle horn kanting left, something pushed me on my chect back into the saddle -- hard.

I finally managed to get the horse under control and back to his owner at the gate. When I got home I discovered a huge bruise on my right inner thigh where I had hit the saddle horn. There is no way, physics being the way it is, that I could have recovered my seat from the position I was at when I got that bruise.

Thank you, Lord, for Jonas, my guardian angel!

Eugenio B. Abril

Taking a short-cut through a flooded street in a Manila subdivision in the middle of a hurricane, I underestimated the depth of the water and my car conked out. I got out of the car and looked around. When I found I was all alone, I tried to push the car. It was hardly moving. I tried again. And again. I am small, even for an average Filipino. I was afraid I will be swept by the flood. I was at the verge of panic, and I prayed: Lord please help me! I tried hard to push the car again and it moved. And it moved faster and I looked backed and I saw a man, all wet and grinning, was pushing the car from behind. We got the car on to a high portion above the flood waters. I wanted to thank the man and get him a cup of hot coffee, but he had mixed with the crowd. Hard as I tried I could not pick my wet, grinning angel from all those drenched people.


I believe I read in a book about President Reagan's faith life, that after his shooting, he believed that he was aided by an angel clothed as a nurse in a white uniform at the hospital. He was near death from loss of blood and the angel kept him conscience until the transfusion took effect. After that, the nurse disappeared.

James Rinaldi

About two years ago I was wresling with some issues of faith, after having fallen away from the Church and beginning my journey back. I met a nicely dressed man on a bus and struck up a conversation. He was very helpful to me and his insights gave me the uneasy feeling that he was looking into my soul. As we parted company, he addressed me by name, even though I'm certain I had never met him before. I've often wondered if I had met an angel. His nudge lelped me along the path home.


I lived in a small town in northern Minnesota. One year, when the county fair was in town, I was riding my bike home from the swimming pool. I was about 9 years old (and that's 42 years ago). A man stopped and asked me if I wanted to go for a ride in the country. I didn't know him, but I thought to myself, "Oh, it's probably one of my parents' relatives." I set the bike on the curb and went back to the car, but then I just thought, "I don't want to," and ran back to my bike and hurried home. I think an Angel protected me from whatever that man had on his mind. I'm grateful.

Johanna B. (Mullins)-Germano

My Mom had open heart surgery several years ago..I was living with her @ the time. She came home from the hospital & I was very worried about her..(would check to see if she was breathing several times a night), not getting much rest myself. On her third night home..we had a very bad storm, it was extremely hot & we lost I went downstairs to sleep on the floor next to her (was cooler there)..after checking on her for the upteenth time..A beautiful woman with red hair & a flowing white dress was standing next to her & told me not to worry she will be just fine. I know this was not a dream..& my dog was watching her & cocking his head so I know he saw her also..I felt such peace..NO fear..& I slept very well after that. God is awesome..

Sherry Harvey

I saw an angel once, but do not know if it was my guardian angel or not. He was lit up so brightly, I could not bear to look directly at him/her. I had been very upset about a misunderstanding where I was wronged by that misunderstanding. I cried with my head down in my arms at the table in the dark and I swore that I would never again listen to anyone's problems. At that moment, the room lit up. Raising my head, I could see a very very bright light, unlike any light I've ever seen before or since and the angel spoke to me, saying that my purpose in life was to listen to other people's problems, to be there to help guide them toward a better way. I even wrote it all down and sitll have that piece of paper, and this was over 40 years ago. I know the angel was real and was from God. Cannot say how I know, but I know.


"It was pride that changed angels into devils; it is humility that makes men as angels." - St. Augustine

Came across this quote yesterday! Over 20 years ago, my ~8 month old baby was crawling on our livingroom floor. I was sitting on the couch and my head was turned completely away from him as I watched t.v. For no apparent reason, I quickly turned and placed my hand firmly on the telephone which was on a side table next to me. I then looked down at my little one and saw that his hand was grabbing the long phone cord and he was just about to pull the whole thing onto his head. It would have knocked him out because it was one of those old, heavy phones. Because my action was so sudden and without my foreknowledge, I firmly believe that at least one of our guardian angels had intervened in protection. I was so impressed - and grateful - that I remember it to this day!

Stephanie A.

I always do the sign of the cross when I get into a car. Many years ago, I was in a car with some friends and sitting in the back seat. One of the girls riding in the front turned to me and started chatting. On that occasion, I had forgotten to do the sign of the cross. While we were talking, I felt a strong need to do the sign of the cross. When the girl saw me doing the sign, she held to the seat because she wasn't wearing her seatbelt. A second later, a woman cross the street without looking and the driver had to slam on the breaks to avoid hitting her. We were inches away from running over this woman, but the car miraculously came to a stop. I truly believe that an angel saved this woman and all of us and encouraged me to do the sign of the cross as protection.

Ed Peters

Two incidents.

In college I suffered from migraines (the real things, not just really bad headaches). They were paralyzing and I was extremely photophobic. Sick in bed one night, while my dorm room door was held ajar with a wooden stop, someone flipped on the main hall switch and bright light streamed in a straight line over my eyes. I did not have the strength to move my head, and I head myself moan “Angel, please shut that door!” The door immediately shut and I recall saying “Thank you” as casually as I might have said it to my roommate if he closed the door for me. I fell asleep and next day, when I found the door stop several inches from the door, I realized it really had happened as simply as that.

Also in college, once I was driving home on Interstate 55 several hundred miles after attending the funeral of a friend. I fell asleep at the wheel and veered into the high grass of the median between lanes. When I awoke, still going full speed and unable to see more than a few feet for the grass, I knew what I had to do, but my arms/hands froze in place, doubtless from fear. I distinctly felt the steering wheel turning to the right against my resistance and the car gradually re-entered the highway, still at full speed. I believed even then that my angel had steered the car back onto road, and safely at that. When I got home I had some explaining to do about how the front end of my dad’s white car had turned solid green.

I have no idea how many times I have been helped by my angel without my ever knowing it.


In October 1980 I was a young Army Officer with my unit on a large exercise in Germany. I was standing up in the commander's hatch in the M113 Armored personnel carrier as my crew and I were returning from receiving my orders for the next day's operations. It was pitch dark and my driver was using his night vision scope but I had none. We drove off a 6 foot granite ledge. Sideways. The tracked vehicle pitch right then vertical and ended up perfectly level. No one else was exposed outside the vehicle but me. I should have died when it rolled on me. It didn't roll. When I got back in from the field and got a good look at my self in a mirror, I had a perfect round white dot about 1/4 inches in diameter on my left eyebrow. It is still there but not so perfect, aging being what it is. I know who kept that track from rolling on me. He is still very much around.


A few years ago I attended a Catholic conference and I was unaware that there was going to be an Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament. There were various things going on in different rooms and I just followed the crowd as we progressed through the day. At one point everyone headed into the adjoining Church which was filled to overflowing. Those who couldn't find a seat in the pews sat in chairs set up in the vestibule. And those who couldn't find a seat there remained standing. That's where I was...standing in the vestibule. By the way, the vestibule had a cobblestone floor. I was unaware that the the priest had entered the vestibule, carrying the Blessed Sacrament, exposed in the Monstrance. Stupid me.....I was talking to someone, not paying attention. All of a sudden, a tremendous force slammed me to the floor, down on my knees. And I mean slammed!! On cobblestone! Just then, the Blessed Sacrament came into my view. I am thoroughly convinced that my Guardian Angel was not about to leave me standing in Our Lord's presence. I could not get up off of that hard, bumpy floor until Adoration was over. By then, some kind people to either side of me helped me get knees hurt so much that I couldn't do it on my own. Shame on me for being unaware of Our Lord's presence and thank God for my Guardian Angel who, unlike me, is always paying attention.


Last week when my mother in law was dying from cancer, she looked at the foot of the bed and said "Who's that?" Both me and the hospice nurse looked and I said " Mom, I don't see anybody" She smiled at me and said " Yes, they are". I had chills and knew even though, I didn't see them, they were there. And she was not afraid and was at peace. I also knew her time on Earth would be short. The priest came an hour later and she passed away 2 hours later. In my 26 years of geriatric nursing, I have witnessed this a few times and know this to be true. You just feel them.


On a very cold winter day when I was pregnant with my first child, I stopped to fill up my gas tank on my way home from work. After I finished pumping the gas, I started the car and decided to go into the station for something to drink. Unfortunately I shut my car door and the doors were locked! So there I was with my car running, parked right next to the gas pumps. I called my husband to see if he could locate a tool to open the door. As I was waiting for him to arrive, a total stranger simply walked up beside me and gently pushed me aside without saying a word. He opened my door with the tool just as quickly as he appeared by my side, still saying nothing. When he finished I thanked him several times and I asked him if I could pay him for his service to me. He just shook his head no and smiled and walked away. My husband walked up to me as the stranger was walking away. When I turned to point him out to my husband, he was getting into an old camaro. Peculiar thing is, is that the car never moved, it simply faded into the scenery. It was an awesome experience and I'll never forget it.


Hit by a car when on my first bike, when I was about 12. I was dragged along the road hanging on to the front bumper and the bike finished up mangled under the back axle. It was one of many accidents on bikes too numerous to recall.
My first car was hit by a drunk driver one Sat' night. Myself and my passengers suffered no physical ill effects.
I was a passenger in a hotted up V8 Ford when the driver lost control at about 70mph while speeding down Mt Dandenong in Victoria. The car rolled in mid air while I bounced around inside the cabin. It landed on its wheels on an access road below the main road, slid backward and would have gone over the edge except for a slim tree. The car finished up with the left wheel hanging over the edge still in gear rotating as the engine rumbled noisily.
Driving machinery on the Snowy Mountains project I operated a Le Tourneau rear dump. The type of machine was nick named widow maker they had killed so many men. I spent 2 months in hospital after going over the edge in one. The machine ended up on a service road fifty feet below and I ended up on a river bank a further 40 feet below.
There are a few other instances where my luck held. It happened too many times for it to be luck. My mother prayed for her wayward son and I'm sure God and my guardian Angel heard her prayers.

Linda Frasier

One day I was leaving a fast food burger place after eating only a kids meal to save money. Ill with a chronic disease, I was no longer able to work so money was tight. A "homeless" man walked up to me and asked for a dollar for a bus ride. In reply to my question if he had eaten lunch yet, he said he hadn't eaten at all that day (it was after lunch time). So, I invited him in for a meal and we sat and talked amid the stares of the other diners. Somehow, there seemed to be a sense of the holy at that table, like catching a whiff of fragrance in the wind--subtle but very real. It felt like a genuine privilege to be with this fellow. After lunch, I gave him the few dollars I had left in my purse, thanked him for sharing time with me and bid him farewell with a parting "God bless you." I got in the car, turned it on and looked up to wave goodbye but the man had disappeared in the huge nearly vacant lot. My ears actually heard Jesus' words, "I was hungry and you fed me." I felt physically jolted with a powerful awareness that that "homeless" looking man had been an angel in disguise and was there as an opportunity to feed Jesus. To this day, 10 years later, I remain absolutely convinced of the fact of who he was.

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