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Saturday, September 10, 2011


Mark Brumley

It may be in dispute whether or not the church to which Mascherino belongs is a "branch" of the "Catholic Church", as it is disputed whether Anglicanism is a "branch" of the "Catholic Church". Those who acknowledge the authority of the Pope would, of course, not affirm the Branch Theory in either case and would deny that these entities are "branches" of the "Catholic Church", even if knowledgeable Catholics would agree that they are or may be in imperfect communion with "the Catholic Church". However, surely it is not in dispute that Mascherino's church is not a "branch" of the Catholic Church understood as headed up on earth by the Pope? That, surely, should have been the point. If you don't want to beg the question of what is or is not "the Catholic Church", fine. But discussing "branches" of the "Catholic Church" not recognized by Rome implies such things exist, which is to say, that the Pope and those who agree with him are in theological and ecclesiastical error. That begs a different question, namely, whether the Church of Rome is "the Catholic Church".

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