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Friday, August 12, 2011


Robert Miller

I often critique George Weigel because of what I consider to be his Americanist leanings, but this is a splendid piece.

What I would like to see someone with a stronger stomach than I have do is trace a history of how we have come down to having to take something so ludicrous as gay "marriage" seriously (pro or con).

I have a theory, but I don't even like to think -- let alone, write -- about it.

Kudos, George Weigel, on this one. But I'm preparing a major deconstruction of your "Erin go Bonkers" piece, if Carl will publish it.

peter l

These excellent article's remind me of another article i read today by a very good journalist,Melanie Phillips,who write's for the Daily Mail.She show's how Liberalism is the root cause for a lot of society's woe's in britain,soft on crime,soft on drugs and how a society,who reward's one parent familie's while penalising a two parent family can fall into the chaos we see on the street's of Britain today.

For anyone interested,it is a short read,she also write's eloquently:

The demise of Britain by Liberalism is there for all to see.I lived there for a number of years,it really is an anything goes,type of society.A Godless society.

Ed Peters

GW's insight that the legalization of "gay marriage" is actually a power grab by the State, is spot on.

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