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Saturday, August 20, 2011



I sure wish you had given the sermon at today's Mass. I told my wife (a recent convert) to pay particular attention to the sermon today, as it should be a decent catechesis on the papacy and the primacy of Peter. Oh, brother! The priest zigged and zagged into a "Christ calls each of us to be His church" type of liberal claptrap. Something about through our baptism, we are the community that Christ established. No mention of Peter and his authority, nor of the successors of Peter, and certainly NO mention of our current pope Benedict XVI. I honestly am not sure that this priest believes in the primacy of Peter or in papal authority himself. When we got home, my wife and I went over the readings and had our own catechesis on the subject. Maybe I should have taped it, and mailed a copy to that priest.

Daniel Fink

Yes, Larry, our "homily" may have been better.

A financial officer of the parish was awarded the entire homily time (liturgical abuse, I believe) in order to discuss the parish's financial standing, as the fiscal year has closed.

I catechized my family beforehand, expecting the worst.

vicente pineda

The Christ declares himself to be the absolute truth. He declares the church to be absolutely his. He is building his church, and all he needs is willing stones, and the authority that was given to St Peter must still be put into effect. We dare not do otherwise, without risking the loss of the essence of what the church really is, as her master is, a light to the nations.

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