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Tuesday, August 02, 2011


Julie Robison

This is a great list! Many thanks!

Carl E. Olson

My pleasure!

Bradley J Birzer

Zesty!!! Love it.

As to #24. Agreed, great album. But, weirdly, the extra disk, 8 Days Later, is even better.

Bradley J Birzer

Carl, also wonderful about Amy. Please give her my best. It was wonderful seeing her a year ago.

Gail F

That Gawker piece was really, really disturbing. It does not make an impact on my faith, but it does on my faith in human beings! How people can let something like that go on is beyond me. It is sickening. If I lived in that diocese, I would just want to throw them all in prison and start from scatch. Literally. And I hope the current bishop does.

Carl E. Olson

But, weirdly, the extra disk, 8 Days Later, is even better.

I bought it on, and the second disc was not named at all (annoying!), so my reference to "10 Stories Down" was to all eighteen songs. Pineapple Thief continues to create a really solid body of work.

By the way, Brad, my sister has been living in Kansas City (Missouri side) since March. But now she is seriously thinking of moving to Montana. It's hard to keep up!

peter l

• An atheist reader assumes that I live in some sort of Catholic ghetto, apparently unaware that I was raised in anti-Catholic, Protestant home: "Do you have a deep understanding of Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism and Islam, to pick just a few major religions? No? I'll bet your knowledge of them is very superficial." Well, I am currently co-authoring a book on Catholicism and Buddhism, and I currently own 84 (given or take one or two) books on Buddhism (with about thirty on Islam). Which doesn't mean my knowledge of Buddhism isn't superficial, but I suspect I know more about it than I'm being given credit for.

Referring to the above.......Give the guy a break Carl,he didn't know who he was picking on lol.


"I listened to many of his talks on vinyl (wow, I just dated myself, didn't I?)."

Not to worry Carl, I hear vinyl is making a come-back.

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