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Thursday, August 25, 2011



Someone should do a book on how a sincere seeker, using his reason alone, find the true religion amidst all the false ones (Orthodoxism, Protestantism, Islam, Judaism, Kaballah, Hinduism, Budhist, Baha'i etc).

If we recall Vatican I decrees, this is possible.

Just Sayin'

This is a good book but has some problems and deficiencies, in my opinion. I'm puzzled why Fr. Schall doesn't at least mention them in passing. Michael Coren is well able to take criticism -- he's a toughie!


Bravo! Thank you for the review! I look forward to reading this book.

Dale Price

I will have to get this book. Coren is an absolute powerhouse television interviewer and moderator. Always perfectly prepared and ready for all comers. Moreover, he absolutely will not permit a guest to dodge a question--and he does it without the grating overtalker persona usually seen on American political programs.

I'm hoping a raised profile will get him attention south of the 49th Parallel--he deserves it.


I am hoping that this book will be available on Kindle.


Jus... it is possible that Fr Schall doesn't think that Mr Coren's book has problems and deficiencies worth mentioning.

Bill Field

The incredibly prolific Father Schall is my favorite living Catholic writer, but this review is substantially below his usual effort. He must have dashed this off very quickly with little of his usual careful thought. It is possible to be too prolific.

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