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Monday, July 25, 2011


peter l

What do these people mean exactly,by giving people sex education.?Are they really trying to convince people they need a Planned Parenthood sex education to find out babies are not delivered by the stork these days.?Who knows,maybe there is still a few innocent teenagers out there that are not aware of the birds and the bees story,i would think very few.

Perhaps they want to educate people on the transmission of std's.?Fine,let people know that promiscuous sex is risky and dangerous not to mention immoral but that is not the case with this "organization" that calls itself Planned Parenthood.It is nothing more than a condom dispenser that gets rid of babies that are concieved in unplanned and immoral circumstances.

It should be a place where people feel ashamed to enter,decent people do not need the services this immoral organization provides.


Hogwarts is a school, and as a school it's full of children.

So why is this moron suggests that PP is protecting children like Harry Potter? They are killing them.

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