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Monday, July 25, 2011



Carl, this is among the many reasons you remain my favourite blogger. Because, let's face it, news like this would have missed me and now I'm as excited as all get out. I didn't even know this band was back together but from the few tracks I've heard, it sounds amazing. Thanks, as always!

Carl E. Olson

Thanks, Michael, for the very kind comment! Consider this post something of a "thank you!" for introducing me, years ago, to the music of Muse. And do come visit Eugene when you are able. You are missed!


Wow. What a story and review. Thanks.

Gregory Williams

There was a little church on the space coast (Titusville, FL) that hosted their very own Christian music festival. Burlap to Cashmere and the News Boys were the biggest names I recall from there. Other artists included Jenny Varnadeau, Raze (I think that was their name), Christafari, and more than I can remember. My favorite discovery was a jazz band called Rhythm. Their lead singer, Reggie Scott, still offers their music on iTunes (google "Reggie Scott Rhythm".)

But, yeah, merely thinking of "Is there anybody out there?" gives me shivers. Great stuff.


Carl, I'm SO glad you posted this! Along with Jars of Clay and DC Talks' first albums, as well as some of Caedmon's Call acoustic material, Burlap to Cashmere's "Is Anybody Out There?" was pivotal in my early relationship with Christ. I have always hoped Burlap would put a second album out. I'm excited to go out and get it!

Also, as a side note: I use the song "Basic Instructions" when I teach 7th and 8th grade Religion to help them memorize John 3:16. It works like a charm!

Keep up the great work!

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