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Thursday, June 16, 2011


Dale Price

The grumbling cynic in my says "Because nobody does news stories about the UCC."

But that's unfair for most of them. Maybe for a small number, the Catholic label/podium is essential. I think Hitchcock is right about the rank and file dissenter: they stay because they privilege subjective experience over conflicting truth claims. And obviously they know there's a conflict--that's why they yell and scream. But in the final analysis, the conflict doesn't matter.

Whereas with orthodox Catholics at a dissenting parish, it's the opposite--truth claims have priority, so they shake the dust off and leave.

peter l

Ruff laments that, “When I think of Our Lord’s teaching…I weep.” Letters to the NCR often begin, “My heart goes out…,” “I weep with sorrow….” McBrien reports on a parish staff “who are hurting terribly” and of a woman “who darted out of the church during a recent homily—in tears,” the priest’s offense being that he restored traditional devotions, urged people to go to confession, and covered the statues in purple during Passiontide. (“The parish is grieving.”)

Regarding the above,this is shocking to me,this surely is one of the Priest's duties.Whatever next,will the Parishioners run from the Pew's when asked to Baptize their children?.

I did not know this was all going on,my Parish seems oblivious to all this Liberalism and thank God.With "Catholics" like these,who needs enemies?.

Very informative,thank you.


I will be frank: I have a great deal of trouble on some doctrine the Church preaches. Most specifically, I do not see why it is the Church's business to interfere in gay relationships. I also have trouble with our acceptance of some married priest while still forbidding others.
Yet, despite all of my troubles, I say the Apostles' Creed at every Mass without lying. I believe every word I say and I pray to God I always will. I attend Mass every Sunday and do my best to follow the word of God. I hope that someday that the Church and I will come to an understanding. Until that day, I will continue to believe as I believe and attend Mass without fear.

Roberta Young

I think the reason liberal Catholics don't join the Anglican or Episcopal Churches is that if they leave the Church, rather than internally reform it into becoming another version of the Anglican Church, it would mean that the Catholic Church would continue to exist, and they don't want it to exist at all. Despite their claims of "tolerance", they can't tolerate the orthodox teachings of the Church continuing to exist. I loved the line in Hitchcock's essay "As the history of modern Protestantism and Judaism shows, the principal achievement of liberal religion is to persuade people that they do not need religion at all." As a liberal agnsotic for 25 years, I would have been most sympathetic to the Anglican Church. I would have wanted the Catholic Church to ordain women, to change its teachings about abortion, etc. But if it had changed its teachings, I still wouldn't have gone to Church. I would have praised the fact that it had "joined the 20th century", but it would still have been irrelevant to me. When I regained my faith, I was so grateful that the Church didn't change its teachiings to suit the times. I wanted a Church that would have its foundations on bedrock, not the shifting sands of popular opiniona nd cultural trends.


I think the answer is similar to the answer to the question, "why is it that the most vitriolic and outrageous statements in the theological debate between Catholics and Protestants come from the Protestant side?"

The identity of the Protestant is bound up in large measure with what it is that they are protesting. If the Catholic Church ceased to exist, it would rob them of much of their identity, whether they realize it or not.

In like manner, the hard-core dissenter cannot leave because their self-identity is bound up in their dissent. If they left, they would be just another ex-Catholic and nobody would think twice about them.

Nancy D.

"Why do dissenters remain in The Catholic Church?"

Because of the lack of a charitable anathema, dissent is allowed to exist within His Church thus causing chaos and confusion.

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