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Tuesday, June 21, 2011



ironically, she is much more sympathetic to the Saudis:LINK...


Quite honestly, I know so many Catholics who think very much like Dowd. Who'd have thought 'Sex in the City' types would be perceived as the good people, an the Church as the bad, but that's where we are as a culture. I think a simpler perspective on her is simply is: "As a sexually active single woman, of course she is not going to want to Church to hold to its teaching. Any more than an Oprah is a friend of the black Church. Dowd is just more acerbic. And sadder to behold. All of this, I'd also suggest, is a fruit of the general wash out of the kiss-up to the culture of Vatican II catechesis. Makes me think of even the far more decent yet cosmopolitan 'conservative' voices who have quietly jettisoned Catholicism to one degree or another: the Sheed's kids, Chris Buckley, etc, even when they had homes striving to raise them faithful. Trying to be attractive the the world just breeds us worldliness, IYAM. If the Church is only apologetically counter-cultural, people end up forsaking Catholic culture.

Robert Miller

Dowd's views are ... well, dowdy.

Weigel's problem is that he takes Whig politics and culture too seriously. I really don't care a fig if someone can "prove" to me that the "Founding Fathers" were crypto-Scholastics. Neither does Maureen Dowd. Nor does anyone else.

Let's look to some real countercultural Catholic figures like Francisco Franco Bahamonde, Antonio d'Oliveira Salazar, Father Charles Coughlin and Hillaire Belloc for the real solutions to this culture's sickness. We need to break it with action.

Maureen Dowd is an irritation, a pitiful strawperson, that only Catholic Whiggery could waste time refuting.

Gregory Williams

"Dowdian fundamentalism involves an irrational and empirically unsustainable belief in the sexual revolution." - Wiegel

"What [people] want is to lead a utilitarian life based on principles that fit on bumper stickers, starting with the premise that the human genitals are toys"

Posted by: Charles E Flynn

Nancy D.

"Why do dissenters remain in The Catholic Church?"

Because they believe they can be an anti-catholic Catholic even though it is a self-evident truth that one cannot be anti-catholic and Catholic, simultaneously .

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