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Monday, June 13, 2011


Ed Peters

I read the NPR piece just before coming by here, and you're right, Carl, it was NAKED propaganda.

Gail F

"there is a self-absorbed flippancy to these priestettes that is both sad and sickening."

Just like what I saw of thelitrgy from the ACC conference that has been on various web sites -- ridiculous petitions, weird "stole ceremonies," etc. Both self-absorbed and a huge trivialization of the REAL liturgy. They want so much, but they devalue whatever it is they want so it is worthless. So why do they still want it?

Ed Peters

ps: what's with NPR's reference to a "Canon 10:24"? Can't NPR even cite a legal norm correctly? It's "Canon 1024", not "Canon 10:24" Oh well, I'd make wider point here, but I have to get ready for a meeting at 1,245 o'clock.

Charles E Flynn

Father Z has some commentary on the ACC's "Litany of Lament":


It seems the Church is as unfair as the boyscouts. I've been trying to form a boyscout troop that hates camping and the outdoors, and we are proud to be unprepared and untrustworthy. The Scouts won't recognize my authority. Life is son unfair.


If their conscience is supreme, without qualification, it logically must have greater authority than the Church, which means 1) they have no need for the Church (so why do they seek the Church's approval?) and/or 2) the Church's authority is seriously flawed, even morally bankrupt, which also begs the question: why bother to be recognized and accepted by such an institution?

That says it all right there, Carl.


Nunettes? Hasn't the Church had a male counterpart of sisters, and that is brothers? Both classes lead a consecrated life without Holy Orders and the ability to hear confessions, say Mass, etc.

Non issue, except they make it one out of their ignorance, and stubbornness in rebellion.


It's "Canon 1024", not "Canon 10:24" Oh well, I'd make wider point here, but I have to get ready for a meeting at 1,245 o'clock.

Oh.My.Gosh. That is the funniest thing I've read all day.


This was absolutely hilarious Carl! Made my day! Excellent as usual!

God bless!

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