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Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Robert Endorf

You have left out an "r" at the end of his name. His name is Victor Stenger. Many years ago as a physics faculty member at another university I worked in a research collaboration with him on some particle physics experiments. I am sorry to find out that he has become one of those few arrogant physicists who think that they are so brilliant that they can comment on topics they know very little about. He obviously does not understand basic philosophy and cannot reason logically outside of his narrow area of physics.

Charles E Flynn

The lapsed Catholic indicator light just went on. Read Prof. Stenger's biography:

Victor Stenger.

Lest anyone accuse Prof. Stenger of getting involved in this genre to cash in on the current enthusiasm for emptiness, his biography reveals that he has been at this for several mis-spent decades.

Charles E Flynn

@Robert Endorf,

Even Google appears not to know the origin of this observation:

"Physicists and baseball players get paid for doing what they want to do. Everyone else is an employee."

Sheryl D

"Cathedral, Forge and Waterwheel: Technology and Invention in the Middle Ages" by Frances & Joseph Geis does a marvelous job of refuting the view of the Middle Ages as a dark period of ignorance and inertia, and it's an enjoyable read as well.

MaryMargaret (Maggie) Goff

Haha, Carl, before I even read this I have to "Like" your title!!

Teo Matteo

From Professor Stenger's Bio:
"Vic and his wife Phylliss have been happily married since 1962 (50 years in 2012!) and have two children and four grandchildren."

50 happy years... sounds like noth'en but pure luck, chaos, chance the 50 years. Happy? What does happy break down to in an atom smasher i wonder?!

Dale Price

An atheist friend of mine likes to say the scientific method is Thomism without the metaphysics.

Stenger really needs to sit down and take a look at a history book some time. Greek science went dormant after an early flowering. In fact, that dormant period occurred long before the God-bothering Christians arrived on the scene. The Roman contribution to science as science (as opposed to work in certain fields such as engineering and medicine) is kind of paltry, if memory serves.

The Muslims did some useful things with the Greek heritage for a while, but their forays into science also came to an end.

Science--as science--only began in the Christian West, which was able to appropriate the Greek intellectual heritage and make the categorical leap into developing an actual scientific method. Combine that with the Western innovation known as "the university," with a shared language and interaction between thinkers and eureka!

Gregory Williams

Thomism without metaphysics is like the written English language without the letters.

Dale Price

He was referring to St. Thomas' approach in the Summa--advancing theses, objections and replies to objections.


As individuals, Vic and his wife Phyllis, are wonderful people who most readers on this list would enjoy chatting with over lunch, as I have. Vic is a caring father and grandfather... and someone easy to like.

His fascination with atheism comes out of a rigid place I do not fully understand and comes with an arrogance that brings discomfort to all concerned. I enjoyed a number of lunch discussions with him and believe that if he were to spend more time with people who have a deep knowledge of theology the discussion could be fruitful.

As his guest, I spent a fair amount of time chatting on his physics/atheist list. Perhaps he figured I would be one of those faith people who are easy to toy with as they have no knowledge of the physical sciences.

Unfortunately, our friendship fell apart when I was able to show the flaw in his physics argument, and others on the list agreed with me.

Vic and a couple other physicists enjoy celebrity status among a group of religion haters who goad them on... and unfortunately, do not demand the intellectual rigor that would make the discussion worthwhile for all.

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