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Monday, June 20, 2011



That video was wonderful!

Charles E Flynn

Charles E Flynn

There is far less to be learned from Deepak Chopra than there is from watching Lisa Kelly cope with adversity on an episode of "Ice Road Truckers."

Gail F

My take on it, should anyone be interested:

Gregory Williams

Charles E Flynn, why don't you have a blog? I'd read you every day!

Mike in KC, MO

Chopra is a boon for those sad, pathetic, bastions of intellectual sloth who want to be told how wonderfully spiritual they are while never being told to NOT wallow in immoral sewage.

That he is taken seriously by ANYONE at ALL is a sign that the decline in our country has reached levels of decadence that boggle the mind. His shameless self love and self promotion also border on the masturbatory.

In his time, he will go down, 'unwept, unhonored and unsung.' It is sad, though, that he manages to lead so many people with him. I am saddened by the thought that he may find out that they don't make floating mill stones.

David K. Monroe

I take it that the use of the phrase, "My President Palin" is a clear tip-off that Chopra is cognizant that this opinion piece is in no way reflective of the reality of a Palin presidency, but only the expression of Chopra's own extremely prejudiced and bigoted attitude. Apparently this is a public self-diagnosis and confession by Chopra. Good on ya, mate. Hope the therapy takes.

Judy Stefencavage

Thank you so much for that Carl. I have never ever liked him, from way back when he became popular with the New Age cult, I took him for a money hungry guy. Shaman is too good a word for him because a Shaman is a sort of holy person of the Native Americans,who long ago was considered a healer and other good things. There is nothing good I can say about this guy. When he talks it's like he is talking to a bunch of idiots, as if they need extra help understanding. That is the take on him that I have. Ugh, just cannot stomach him. Thankyou again Carl great piece


As a certain SOLT priest has been wont to say, "Truth is not some-thing, it is Some-body: Jesus Christ." And He IS absolute Truth. Chopra needs to stick to alternative med and leave theology and Christology to those who actually know that of which they speak.

Sharon Henning

Well said! What concerns me is that his books are on my school district's summer reading list for students.

Carl E. Olson

Sharon: Which Chopra books, specifically, are on the reading list? Thanks.

MaryMargaret (Maggie) Goff

I didn't like him even when I was so involved with that New Age crap before I returned to the One True Faith.

Marielle Regnier

I happen to like Deepak Chopra, you all have very closed mind, I am sorry I read your article, now I cannot read you anymore I lost all respect in you.
Marielle Regnier

David K. Monroe

Sure. Nothing in Chopra's HuffPost article (or his book) but unimpeachable open-mindedness. Uh-huh.

Christopher Lake

Marielle, Deepak Chopra seems to have a very closed mind in certain respects. He is not willing to consider that Christ actually is who He claims to be in the Scriptures-- God incarnate, not simply a good teacher or prophet, but God Himself, who took on human flesh to die for our sins. Why is Deepak so closed-minded about the claims of Christ?

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