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Wednesday, June 08, 2011



"thus deny that Catholics who do adhere to the Church's teaching on faith and morals are oppressive, bigoted, and even hateful."

You mean imply, not deny.

Carl E. Olson

Howard: Yikes! Yes, I did mean "imply"; thank you for the catch!


"Speaking of the Acts of the Apostles, it is instructive to read the story of Anani'as and Sapphi'ra, who were both struck dead by God because they lied to Peter and the apostles about a matter of finances (Acts 5:1-11)."

Wow. I cannot believe you had the forthrightness to write that line. I totally applaud you.


As I remember, Hadrian began an assault against Christians because they refused to recognise his dead homosexual lover as a god. The stance of liberal Catholics is wobbly at best.


I always wonder why dissenters like this stay Catholic. Why not join the Episcopal church or another denomination that is already embracing homosexuals?

Elaine Comtois

More Episcopals are coming over to the Catholic faith. See front page of Wash. Post 6/8/2011


While it is true that Ananais and Sapphira were struck dead after lying about a gift to the church I do not believe it was because they specifically lied about finances. As Acts 5:4 makes clear the land and money were theirs to use as they saw fit but because they had obviously promised all to the Church they led the Holy Spirit to believe they were generous. They were struck dead because the were lying about thier commitment to "The One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church".

Carl E. Olson

Good point, Steve. And one that further buttresses my point, which that the purposeful misrepresentation of oneself and one's intentions under the guise of being faithful to Church teaching is a serious sin.

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