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Friday, May 13, 2011



Do you know of this then gives approval or reconciles to Rome groups such as these Carmelite sisters: Who are not approved by their Bishop, or connected to the greater Carmelites (discalced carmelites) because they wish to follow the Liturgy and Orders as set by Teresa of Avila, and not subsequently reformed? Thanks! I hope my question makes sense... -Laura


My opinion is that this is much ado about nothing. I do not expect to see much change based on this document. On a broader level, I wonder can the RC Rite really become one rite with two masses? One that allows alter-girls and one that doesn't? One that plays pop-music and one that won't? One where Communion is in the hand and one where It is on the tongue? If the RC Rite wants both forms, then it needs to schedule a liturgical time of the year when each is done--one instead of the other--as the Eastern Rites do with the liturgies of Sts. Basil and John C. Plus what about Church architecure? Do we put up Communion rails for the Traditional Mass and remove them for the Novus Ordo Mass?


I am just guessing craig, but I think that what we will see (I likely won't be around to see it completely) is that the campfire masses will disappear and over time and the communion rails and the normal (non-indult) way of receiving, ie. on the tongue, will overtake the current indulted "norm".

The reason is very practical. As more and more younger people seek to follow the example of the Holy Father in receiving, kneeling and on the tongue, the standing communion line will become a time barrier and impractical whereas the communion rail will make a whole lot more sense.

As to the ghastly modern architecture and round churches (there is one not far from me which offers campfire masses almost exclusively) I think that when they get too old to be fixed they will likewise disappear into history, perhaps with the assistance of a wrecking ball in some cases. We can only hope. But I do think the architecture and the attitude of reverence are closely linked.


I think it will be much as it is now. In my city there are Churches with Communion rails, and Churches without. I think that is how most cities are--and depending on the preference of the individual, people go where they want. I've been to two different churches run by the same order; some have rails, some have communion on the hand. If you can have Mass in German, Swahili, etc. why not have Mass in English and Latin?

The Sacrament is the same.

I do agree with you Craig, though, what this is about is not immediately obvious.


I think it would be a good idea if the Pope just created a "Latin Rite" of the Catholic Church. What is sometimes called the Latin Rite now could be renamed the "Novus Ordo Rite." The Latin Rite would use the 1962 calendar, liturgy, prayers, etc, and the Novus Ordo Rite could use the Mass of Paul VI and the new prayers, liturgy, etc that has been added to the Church since 1970. That way we do not have the strange situation of having two liturgies within one Rite of the Church. After all, the Church already has some 23 or so Liturgical Rites...why not add another? I think this is a better situation than setting the traditionalists and liberals against each other within a single parish/Rite.

Robert Miller

LJ is right, in my opinion.

Affection for the Novus Ordo is a fad -- increasingly, one that afflicts people (i.e., people over 60)who think Elvis Presley and the Beatles had something transcendentally important to say.

This is big news!

After 40 years of confusion, the Holy See is making it clear that, whatever the Novus Ordo's ultimate status may be, it is merely forma ordinaria, for now. And it points to complementary development of the Usus Antiquior, which was arrested in the 1960s. This really is hopeful -- even better than what we could have hoped for from Summorum Pontificum.

Like the Holy Father, I probably will not live long enough to see the fruition, but God bless the Holy Father for his fidelity to the Spirit of the Liturgy!


When I think of a fad...I think of a hula hoop. I do not think of a liturgy that was forced on over one billion people for forty years and counting.

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