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Friday, May 20, 2011


Ed Peters

I find it all quite entertaining. It's something only Americans "get". We're heating up the grill tomorrow, irregardless. Who wants brats and cold beer?

Carl E. Olson

Me! Me! Me! Three brats. Two beers. Thanks!

David K. Monroe

The more I read about this, the less I find to laugh at. 80 million dollars has gone into the coffers of this foolish deceiver who's already been wrong before using the same methodology. 80 million dollars people have invested toward the shipwreck of their faith. It's not just the money, it's the anguish that will certainly happen when this fails to come to pass.

I saw an article today about a couple with four children, some high school age, who are caught up in promoting this Camping prediction. Problem is, the parents are dedicated to it and the children aren't. The eldest daughter said essentially, "I don't know what I wanna do with my life, because my parents, who are supposed to be my guidance and support, aren't interested." And of course the parents think that Jesus said that if your family gets in the way of your ministry, your priority is your ministry.

It isn't funny anymore. It's a travesty and it is poised to ruin lives. It already holds the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ up to ridicule and His Church to scorn.

I don't know if Harold Camping is a good man or not, but the effect of his "ministry" is undeniably, and perhaps incalculably, evil.

Ed Peters

Rats!, the Rapture was rained out here, Carl, and so were grilled brats. We'll reschedule soon.

ps: MKD, sure, it's never funny (and hasn't been for hundred-fifty years in the USA or whatever) instead, it's stupid. but stupid is funny, and if people want to spend money on stupid, i can laugh. this guy's not a fraud, in the conventional sense. he's creepy. so, lest the outside look in on Xtns and say what idiots they must be, it's ok for sensible Xtns to laugh at this guy, and at the next one, and the next one, and the next one.

as i told my kids, the question is NOT whether the world is going to end, or whether Jesus is going to come again in glory and trumpets, for He surely will. the question is whether Jesus himself told us, Yes there will be signs, but as for the exact hour, only the Father in Heaven knows it, so...quit trying to figure it out, and live each day ready to meet Him.

pps: Carl, Johnsonville and Coronas ok?

tom sheepandgoats

Ah, well. The formula was simplistic. The notion (nailing the day) was presumptuous. The baggage (trinity and hellfire) was typical. And he sure did flummox a lot of followers. But he is 'keeping on the watch.' No one can say he's not doing that. As so many before him have done. As you pointed out.

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