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Thursday, May 26, 2011



Yeah, it's really awful. Barber's a jerk.

But I for one would have never known about it had I not read it here. As bad as it is to say stupid and insensitive things, it is also wrong to forward and give greater publicity to the stupid and insensitive things that others say. By doing so, you merely perpetuate the wrong, thereby making it your own, especially when one then goes out of his way to go look up other bad things about that other person and then publicizes that as well.

Some awful things are better left ignored. This is one of them.

Carl E. Olson

By doing so, you merely perpetuate the wrong, thereby making it your own...

Huh? I have no idea what that means. Really.

John Becknell

Bender, you just perpetuated the wrong by mentioning it. Again. (crud, now I just mentioned it--thereby making Carl's and Bender's mentioning of it--my own.)

Teo Matteo

Carl, bringing this to our attention is worthy, in my opinion for this reason: The thinking of many in our culture will ignore the real immoral act and have outrage for the politically correct, overblown, minor misunderstanding. It really illuminates the modern mind.
In the same vien the misuse of the word literally has always been my pet peeve. Well, not literally a pet... but... um... whatever...

Brian J. Schuettler

I woke up one day and read that Obama got the Nobel Peace Prize for something or other...who of thunk!

I woke up one day and read that Stephen Hawking gave up his career in physics to become a liberal Cathoic theologian...shades of Hans Kung!

I woke up one day and read that Carl Olson agreed with Abraham Foxman about something...a truly OMG moment!


I think Bender is saying you have committed the sin of detraction: that Tiki Barber is not so important a figure (as might be, say, a candidate in an upcoming election) to make this information of importance to the public, and that this disgraceful action, though publicly reported, was not very widely reported.

Carl E. Olson

John: Funny!

Teo: Correct! Absolutely right.

Brian: Funny!

Howard: If that is what Bender is saying, it's ridiculous. Also, it is being very widely reported. It was a lead story for ESPN, the largest sports media outlet in the world, and it is all over the major news outlets.


There is a lack of outrage expressed. Jim Wallis over at HuffPost made that point. That the stories around Schwarzenegger and the IMG guy and even Trump need to be responded to with some kind of societal outrage particularly from prominent men.

Charles E Flynn

It appears that the sin of detraction requires that the sinner be the one making the revelation of another's hitherto secret fault:

Carl himself did not reveal anything.


Meanwhile, back to the original story.

Carl Olson is dead on the money.

The guy is a jerk and not too many decades back would have been treated like a pariah for leaving a pregnant wife so he could play house with the mattressback of the moment. Now it's just a "ho-hum" incident made interesting only by an idiotic comment comparing himself to Anne Frank.

I think my cats have higher morals. At least they're cleaner.


Detraction: Revealing something about another that is true but harmful to that person's reputation. It is forbidden to reveal another person's secret faults or defects, unless there is proportunate good involved. The fact that something is true, does not justify its disclosure. Detraction is a sin against justice...
Pocket Catholic Dictionary Fr John A Hardon SJ

I'm with Bender on this one.

Carl E. Olson

Sharon: You and Bender might have a case if (1) it wasn't wide and public knowledge that Barber was a adulterating creep, (2) if his "faults" were indeed secret, which they obviously are not, and (3) I was mentioning it simply to spread the news, rather to note the telling difference in outrage re: his known adultery and his stupid comments about Anne Frank.

David Deavel

Carl is absolutely right.

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