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Thursday, May 19, 2011


Ed Peters

Why does Fr Amorth (a) ask unnecesary questions of demons at all; (b) assume the answers they give him are truthful; and (c) so casually publish the fact that he has done so?

peter l

The extracts from this mans book seem fascinating.I have often wondered how an Angel like Lucifer,who was granted so much power and trust by God himself could not be content with this.How can it possibly be that anyone could not be content with being with our Lord in Paradise.?

I know lucifer's downfall was his pride but surely he couldnt expect to win his battle with God.I dont know if this mans book will explain this but i will certainly check to see if Amazon UK will have it in stock,i live in Northern Ireland.I read The Exorcist many years ago,the movie seemed mild compared to the book,lots of lethargic Catholics became very good attendees of Mass and Confessions after reading the book or seeing the movie lol.

Thanks for the head up on this book.

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