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Tuesday, May 03, 2011


Brad Birzer

Best thoughts I've seen on this. Thanks profoundly, Carl.

Lisa Graas

I was just having a conversation about this with a friend and she loosely quoted that same Proverb (11:10) to me. I appreciate this article and agree with you. It makes sense.

Carlos Caso-Rosendi

"Also, it seems to me that Proverbs 11:10 is more descriptive than instructive, and the events of the past couple of days bear that out."

That is the right way to read those proverbs. Everything in the Bible is written for our benefit but one should be careful not to make the Bible say things that are not there.

A famous convert to the Catholic faith said to me once that he could not call St. Joseph "lord" in good conscience because he accepted only Jesus as his Lord. I reminded him that Jesus is certainly "Lord or lords" and that would be impossible if He was the only one call "lord" out there.

How easily we let the so called principle of free interpretation take hold of the way we read Holy Scripture. If we read the Bible prayerfully and reverently we shall meditate carefully and soak in its wisdom becoming wiser in the process. If we rush to see in Holy Writ the basis for our own prejudices, personal ideas, and preconceptions we are making bad use of that divine gift.

D.L. Jones

Justice, Mercy and Bin Laden by Dr. James H. Toner

Matthew Wandishin

I read 24:17 more as a proscription against envy (taking pleasure in another's failures or difficulties). To be sure, I have seen the reactions of some to the news of OBL's death that appear to fall into this, but reactions of many others have the appearance more of rejoicing in justice being carried out or in the removal of a threat to our country.

As you point out, the latter reaction is not only not wrong, but is in fact good. Therefore, as I read you to conclude, go ahead and rejoice, but be mindful of what exactly one is rejoicing over.

melanie statom

Imagine if we were truly to believe that the "justice of God", "God's retribution" is in fact the defining, clarifying, interpretive Word he has spoken in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. By all accounts, Jesus does not resurrect as a killing machine bent on retribution and revenge. Flannery O'Connor's protagonist in The Misfit says : " Jesus thrown everything off "....including our sense of justice. Seems to me there is simply no way around the non-violent path of Jesus. A direct mission to kill any human being ( including wicked ones) cannot ultimately be a Christian mission. To be morally troubled by the reveling over Osama Bin Laden's death is a indicator of spiritual health.

Reg Kennedy

I'm grateful for all these comments. But what help do these Proverbs give me in dealing with the fact that leaders like Bush2/Blair are responsible for more deaths than Bin Laden? Can I applaud the death of one yet rejoice in the lives of the others who claim to be Christians?

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