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Thursday, May 19, 2011


Ed Peters

("sketchegesis", perhaps?). Good one, Carl.

Is there a specific time on May 21? GMT and all that? Just curious.

Charles E Flynn

As Freud would undoubtedly have said had he lived long enough, "Sometimes a cubit is just a cubit".

I dare Harold Camping to sign a contract turning over all of his remaining worldly assets to one Carl Olson of Oregon, USA, at midnight on October 20, 2011. After all, he will not have any further use of them, will he?

Carl E. Olson

Ed: Thanks! I've searched a bit, but cannot find a specific time. But I suspect there is one given somewhere (by Family Radio, not the Bible).

Charles: I'll take Camping's radio equipment. He can keep all of his notes.

Mary Kochan--Catholic Lane

Here's an article about this by a man who used to be in an apocalyptic cult:



I know you didn't write this:

"Camping’s methodology and preoccupation with numbers may have something to do with the fact that he earned a B.S. degree in Civil Engineering"

Wow, what a slam to us Engineers. I can't even get away from the slams on Ignatius Insight!

Joyce Donahue

Thanks for weighing in on this Carl - good points about dispensationalism. When I was doing the research for the Council of Illinois Catholic Bishops for the "Statement on 'Left Behind' I read your book. As to the time question, Camping says it will start at 6 p.m. "somewhere"- with a major earthquake and we will suddenly all become aware of its impact. There is a good description in this CNN interview:


I also heard on WABC radio that a world-wide earthquake would begin a little before 6:00 PM Eastern Daylight time. Of course, like everyone else here, I'm not worried about it happening.

Gregory Williams

mel, Carl also wrote this in the January post he linked to.

"Need I add that this is not a knock on engineers, whose abilities to create, calculate, build, and invent I greatly admire? Just be careful when it comes to engineering the end of the world!"

Ruth Boll

The world will come to an end in our lifetime--for us. Just like everyone else before us, we get one lifetime of varying lengths and then we die to the world. If God wants to take everyone else with me at the same time--so be it. But I am living my life as a finite event, of unknown length, regardless.

Nancy D.

Which is why any Day can become our Judgement Day.

Mary Grace (ProudCatholic)

Jesus said that nobody knew the day only the Father in Heaven. Enough said.

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