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Thursday, April 28, 2011


Deacon Harold

I own very few movies. "Into Great Silence" is one of them and it looks like "No Greater Love" will be another.

Elizabeth D

I've seen it! A well done film of Carmelite nuns today in London. It doesn't have the remarkable timelessness of "Into Great Silence", primarily because Carmelite nuns' life is simply different, relatively more communal and even though cloistered it's many steps closer to the world outside, their liturgy is that of the whole modern Roman Rite etc. They wear habits, and their religious life looks healthy. It is visually lovely and there are some wonderful scenes!

I certainly recommend it! There are probably a variety of people who would find it interesting and thought provoking.


I am sure this is a wonderful film. However, I find it difficult to understand why this film-shot in the UK is unavailable to us here in the UK!

John Herreid

Hi Paula,

Our US edition isn't available in the UK because we do not have UK distribution rights. You can, however, purchase the UK version of the film here:

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