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Monday, April 25, 2011



Actually this idea of live being reduced to sentimentalism is in Caritas in Veritae as well.

What I thought when I read the study was the statements on the judging God were written in a negative way and the statements on the merciful God were written in a positive way. That means that only those with some theological acumen are going to cut through the bias and get to the right answer. That is they understand their faith. Those are the ones who cheat less. Makes sense.

Anthony S. Layne

Carl: Not to take anything away from your analysis, but ...

"Without having seen the study, it sounds as if students had to choose between polar opposites that are, from the standpoint of orthodox Christian theology, quite misleading and misrepresentative."

In fact, one of the paragraphs you quote directly says the students "could express belief in a God who was at once highly loving and highly punitive." However, I will agree that there is a tendency to want to divorce the loving, forgiving God from the God who judges and condemns to Hell.

lee faber

Unfortunately the holy father's remarks about Duns Scotus are completely false. Scotus never claimed that we can only know God's potentia ordinata. These sorts of comments are based in 19th century thomist prejudices and don't reflect the actual history of philosophy. happily, the Pope seems to have been reconciled with Scotus, as he gave a quite positive talk about him last july.

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