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Friday, April 15, 2011


Robert L.

I love reading Ignatius Press books on my iPad using the Kinfle app! I also keep intending to buy some audio books from Ignatius. Is there any chance you guys will make them available in the iTunes store? Either way, I'm definitely buying the audio book for "Father Elijah" this weekend from the Ignatius website.


I love reading real books but am now reading e-books to save postage to Australia. I read them on the free Amazon for computers Kindle and would like to be able to read Ignatius e-books but when I purchased one it appeared looking like a rough typewritten draft and so I have not purchased another.

Carl E. Olson

Sharon: What Ignatius Press e-book did you purchase? I have most of them, along with e-books from many other publishers, and I've not seen any that appear as you describe.

Mary B

Amazon sells Ignatius ebooks for less than Ignatius does itself. Still, I prefer to purchase through the Ignatius website as a matter of support. Sort of like purchasing hardcopy books from your local Catholic book store. Although I really love printed books I find I am more likely to buy in e-format because of space constraints. Besides, I can read more books at one time and keep track of my place and not misplace the books...unless I misplace my Kindle. Then I'm in trouble.

I've never had an issue with formatting differences, as Sharon mentioned. There are open source ebook library managers that make managing non Amazon purchases easy.

Dr John James

If you check Abby Johnson's website diary, you'll see she is travelling to Australia in late June through to mid July.
This will be a real shot in the arm for the pro life movement in Australia.
We will be pushing hard to market her book here, so hopefully sales will be boosted accordingly.

Charles E Flynn


Are you using the free Kindle reader on a PC or on a Macintosh?

I suspect the problem you are seeing is one involving fonts. I have not so far been able to find a list of the required fonts for either the PC or Macintosh version.


Regarding the RSV2CE: love the translation, but my leather-bound copies are falling apart. Sections of pages are falling out of the binding, and the gold stamping on the cover and spine is flaking away (and started doing so almost immediately upon removing it from its packaging). Because of these flaws, it mostly sits on my shelf. It's a shame, because it's a superior translation.

I'd prefer a genuine leather binding (like the one on my Oxford RSVCE) or a flexible imitation leather (like the ones used by St. Benedict and Fireside).

Charles E Flynn


The back side of the title page states where the book was printed. There are at least two possibilities:



Another reason to buy ebooks: I have arthritis in my hands, especially bad in the thumbs, so lifting and holding heavy books open can get quite painful, especially if I read for more than a few minutes. I have the RSV2-CE on my Kindle now--what a relief! I hope to have all my library backed up as ebooks one day, though I still like having the 'real' thing around. Very grateful Ignatius is going this route--I'll be making more purchases soon.

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