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Thursday, March 24, 2011



The first link is broken, just FYI! :)

Nancy D.

"at times by the support of disinterested friendship" is a poor choice of words since all friendship should be grounded in authentic Love that desires only that which is good for the other person.


But in my experience just about every "Catholic" who teaches religion in Catholic schools and in diocesan "peace and justice" ministries supports same-sex pseudo marriage.

Nancy D.

How can one be Catholic if one is no longer in communion with The Catholic Church? How can one be part of The Body of Christ if one does not abide in His Word?

Deacon Bryan


"Disinterested friendship" means that it is grounded in that which is good for the other person.

Nancy D.

With all due respect to Aristotle, why confuse, rather than clarify? (see definition of disinterested,
Not to mention the fact that authentic friendship is one that, precisely because it seeks the good of the other, would desire that those who suffer from a homosexual inclination receive the adequate care and guidance they need to overcome their wounds and learn to develop healthy and Holy relationships and friendships grounded in The Truth of Love.

Nancy D.

B.T.W., Does anyone know why the second paragraph, (CCC 2358-9) was left out of the 2006 United States Catholic Catechism for Adults?

Carl E. Olson

Nancy: CCC, paragraph 2358 is quoted in full on page 407 of my edition (2006, 2007).

Nancy D.

To be clear, why has CCC 2359 been omitted?

Carl E. Olson

To be clear, why has CCC 2359 been omitted?

Nancy: If every paragraph in the CCC was replicated in the USCCA (United States Catholic Catechism for Adults), then it would be the CCC and there would be no reason for the USCCA! The USCCA is, as the Introduction notes, an "adaptation" of the CCC. It is meant, I think, to be a shorter and more accessible Catechism; whether or not is indeed more accessible is open to debate, I suppose (I like some features of it, but prefer the CCC for a variety of reasons), but to think (as your question suggests) that parts of the CCC were "omitted" because of some nefarious agenda is puzzling. After all, the USCCA is about 600 pages length, and the CCC is 900 pages long, which means that large sections of the CCC have been "omitted"--if that's the approach you want to take.

Nancy D.

Omitting CCC 2359 from the Catechism that was published by the USCCB is consistent with the erroneous "Always Our Children" they continue to post on their website. The reason that there was a change in the CCC regarding homosexuality was because it appeared from the original statement that a homosexual inclination was inherent. Why leave out CCC 2359 unless you wanted to make it appear that their "condition" is not changeable?

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