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Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Charles E Flynn

It was my understanding that the correct term for the views of Cardinal Raymond Burke was the same as the one applied to the views of one Pope Benedict XVI:

dynamic orthodoxy

However, it appears that dynamic orthodoxy is somewhat disparaged at:

Do any of you who have read more Ignatius Press books than I have have any clarification of what the correct term for an orthodoxy that has not ossified is?

Gregory Williams

It seems to me the article quoted by Carl says more about the author than it does about Burke.

Lauri Friesen

Why do we need labels at all, except to sow division and suspicion? To give you my best guess, though, Charles E. Flynn, I would say that an ossified orthodoxy is akin to a hard-hearted Phariseeism and an obsession with legalism. An unossified Orthodoxy would be, then, Catholicism. What label would people who have read more popular religious tracts than I apply to a progressivism that has not become a confused stew of relativism and radical individualism?


It's hard to be an actual reactionary these days. The traditions and mores that H.E. Cdl. Burke defends in his public statements are sufficiently marginalized in the wider society that his defense of them is actually quite proactive.

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