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Tuesday, March 15, 2011



"Even the country’s Catholic bishops chose only to mention the defense of traditional marriage on page 19 of a 24-page pre-election pastoral letter, while abortion and the right to life were relegated to page 21 of the document."

And that really does say it all.

Unsurprisingly, the episcopal 'Day for Life' has been dedicated to suicide prevention for a number of years now.

The blind leading the blind.


Just finished viewing a BBC documentary called "How the Celts Saved Britain", remarkably even handed over all, with the central premise that it was St. Patrick's Christianity that civilized Ireland when Britain was reverting to chaos in the period after the Roman evacuation, and the subsequent invasion of the pagan Angles, Jutes, and Saxons.

Then it was St. Columba and the other Irish missionaries that brought Christianity back to Britain and with it, civilization, about 1500 years ago.

In the piece, that strange reversal was commented upon, such that Ireland had once been a wild place of barbarian pagans, while Rome had civilized Britain, and years later the reverse was true. It was Ireland that was civilizing Britain with the gospel.

It is painful to watch as Ireland slides gradually back toward paganism.


So very sad....

Mary Smith

Why are governments everywhere so obsessed with the matters of 'same sex marriage' and abortion? They seem to see it as a sort of badge saying that they have 'arrived' - as if committing cultural and national suicide were the sign of maturity. They are like teenagers rebelling against their parents and demanding freedom, who then slavishly follow the dress, words and actions of their peers.


Mary: because abortion and fornication are the two acts that "feel so good to be so bad". Yes, they bring heartache, but they are the fruit of sin masquerading as freedom from pesky God. Without the light of Christ, or the law of Moses even, all mankind would still be in bacchanalia. Original sin wounded us so deeply that we constantly look for ways to revert back to our lowest selves. I know this personally, as we all do. And so we do it collectively through satanically-whipped politics.

The seediest neighborhood of pagan Rome had sewer pipes constantly choked with aborted babies. That neighborhood was called the vaticano. Christ changed all that.

vivian noronha

The civilisation of the West is on the decline..It is decadent,wasted and self destructing.
The new civilisation of the east will bring fresh thought and salvation to these unfortunate people, after the Islamic flood has wiped out the majority,who will be too weak to resist.Only a remnant will be saved.
This is destined to happen for the West and the U.S The Catholic Church has lost its moorings and has paid the price..

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